This busy family home's clever storage keeps it neat, streamlined and elegant

Take the tour and you might discover ideas you want to use in your own home remodel

Green sofa, armchairs and dining chairs, white rug
(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

Masterfully conceived by interior designer Naomi Astley Clarke and Smith Brooke architects, this six bedroom west London townhouse was completely transformed to suit a busy family with three young children and a sweet poochon pup. 

And it's an incredibly useful lesson in how to make the most of space in a tall, fairly narrow home. Packed with storage ideas that keep the family's possessions not just neat but organized, it is streamlined, smart, yet family-friendly.

'The brief was to create a warm, vibrant, fun family home which met all their practical needs, but which also captured their personalities,' says Naomi Astley Clarke. 'The new house had to work for children ranging from toddler age to teens and incorporate spaces for relaxed family living, as well as more formal entertaining.'

Take the tour with us to discover just some of the clever home decor ideas used.

Black marble floor, white cabinets, green chair

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

Entryway storage ideas are vital in a family home, and this series of entryway closets is ideal. Featuring a statement black marble floor from Lapicida, the entryway was enlarged to accommodate bespoke floor-to-ceiling storage, allowing mess and clutter to be easily hidden away.

Green sofa, black framed window

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

Decorating with mirrors is vital when designing a space that's naturally narrow and a little light-starved. The placement of mirrors adjacent to the front door enhances the space and reflects light back into the entryway.

Black and glass wine storage

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

Looking for useful landing ideas? The turn in the stairs down from the entryway to the basement has been usefully employed for wine storage

Black framed door, black floor, white chair

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

Structural changes were necessary; an extension was added to the side of the house, as well as the ground and first floor rear, and the owners decided to dig down to the basement. At the front of the house, is the living room (above).

Grey sofa and walls, white lamp, posters

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

Original architectural detailing on the living room ceiling is the focal point of the space, while wall paneling adds interest to the walls, framing the artwork. 

On the ground floor, the sitting room and kitchen doors were placed directly opposite one another, ensuring an easy, open flow throughout the entire space. 

Black kitchen island and cabinets, white walls

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

With fantastic, uninterrupted garden views, the open-plan kitchen features both a more formal dining area and a relaxed, soft, seating zone where family and friends can gather in a more casual way. 

Black and white kitchen white marble countertop

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

The kitchen itself showcases a mix of both classic and contemporary style; hand painted, traditional style cabinetry is contrasted with warm brass finishes and dramatically veined marble countertops, bringing a modern edge to the room.

Kitchen pantry, wooden shelves, white and black base cabinets

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

A beautifully arranged and organized walk-in pantry provides much needed storage space for dry ingredients, cookbooks, coffee, tea, oils and small appliances.

Green armchairs, white rug, black framed window door

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

At the far end of the kitchen is an informal seating area that gives on to the garden. 

White crinkle bedsheet, red and blue painting

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

Whilst an inviting, convivial atmosphere was essential in the main living areas, the bedrooms were to be calm and restful. The color schemes of the main and guest bedroom were kept deliberately quiet, with various soft furnishings and the owners’ artwork collection providing lively pops of color and visual interest. 

White bathroom, twin mirrors and sinks

(Image credit: Naomi Astley Clarke + Drummonds)

Chosen for their classic beauty and timeless feel, Drummonds' bathroomware was specified for each of the property’s four bathrooms, as well as the ground floor cloakroom. 

Silver bath, plant, white tile floor

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

Subtly elegant and showcasing a cool, calm palette, the main ensuite places the Meon bath in a polished finish and the Double Ladybower Vanity with Calacatta marble, in center stage. 

White wardrobe, gold handles

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

Fabulously positioned, the ensuite leads out to the bespoke dressing room which features spacious floor to ceiling closets, and a similar color scheme of dreamy neutrals, contrasted with warm, brass handles.

Pink playroom, plant design

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

For the children’s bedrooms, pinks, blues and bold, hand painted murals bring a young, vibrant and personalized feel.

Pink tile bathroom, desert mountain mural

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

On the top floor, the girls’ bathroom combines candy pink tiles and bespoke mural art with classic brass fittings and a handpainted yellow Usk bath, achieving just the right blend of the playful, and the timeless.

Pink bathroom, yellow bath tub, gold fixtures

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

Clever bedroom storage ideas include these clever drawers and cabinets built into the steps up to the loft bed.

Blue stairs and bunkbed

(Image credit: Drummonds + Naomi Astley Clarke)

Interior design / Naomi Astley Clarke

Architecture / Smith Brooke Architects

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