Blue hallway ideas – 10 diverse designs for this classic color

Striking yet serene, calming yet bright, explore our favorite blue hallway ideas

Three examples of blue hallway ideas. Serene, calming hallway space with Japanese influences. Blue hallway with feature red artwork and bright red bench. Painted hallway in light blue.
(Image credit: Damian Russell| Sarah Kaye Representation Ltd | Valspar Paint)

Blue hallway ideas can create a calming and cool entrance into the home. 

With its connection to the outside world, from deep waters to vast skies, decorating with blue is renowned to make us feel more relaxed and content, having been named one of the best colors to make a room feel happy by paint experts, creating a peaceful and relaxing indoor-outdoor atmosphere for your hallway ideas.

Enduring and versatile, using blue for your hallway color ideas means you can experiment with both bold and neutral shades. From deep midnight blue to bright turquoise and cyan, this adaptable color can integrate into hallway spaces of all sizes and styles.

Blue hallway ideas

Blue room ideas are an incredibly popular choice for throughout the home. 

From paint to wallpaper, to artwork and colorful accessories, there are an array of options to choose from for blue hallway ideas, and we have gathered our favorite looks to provide you with some stylish inspiration.

1. Create a calming point of entry into the home

Hallway, bench with blue striped cushions, tripod floor lamp with white shade, wall hung artwork, floor to ceiling curtains, Japanese style and references

(Image credit: Damian Russell)

Creating a calming point of entry into the home can help make you feel welcomed and instantly at ease when you step through the door.

This hallway space embraces beautiful Japanese influences and furniture designs and a cool, blue color palette to create a serene, minimalist space. The use of different blue shades, patterns and textures make this monochromatic color scheme come to life, creating a restful hallway where you just want to sit and relax. 

2. Combine a mix of styles and colors

Characterful blue hallway, blue and cream patterned carpet, facing dark wood staircase, bright blue feature wall on stairwell, white painted wall and brick walls near stairway, decorated with paintings and ornaments on wall, traditional dark wood chair

(Image credit: Brintons)

A hallway is a great place to make a statement; the first room your guests are greeted by, creating a unique, eclectic design will make a long-lasting impression.

This hallway elegantly combines classic and contemporary design elements to great effect. The bright, blue painted feature wall on the textured brickwork adds color and vibrancy to this traditional feature. The soft Medici blue broadloom carpet by Brintons adds comforting texture and grandeur to the space, with the blue and cream pattern inspired by Renaissance antique artwork and design. 

The use of blue in this hallway is defined by a beautiful fusion of the old and new, and how a mix of styles and colors can work in perfect harmony.

3. Be bold with your accent colors

Blue painted hallway with wooden flooring, blue rug. Bright red bench, bold, colorful artwork mounted on wall above bench, painted dark blue cabinet in corner

(Image credit: Sarah Kaye Representation Ltd)

The beauty of working with blue in interior design is that it can pretty much work with any other color out there, allowing you to be both bold and subtle with your accent colors.

In this hallway, the deep blue color palette works in perfect harmony with the bright red bench and colorful abstract artwork, establishing an uplifting, modern design full of character. When choosing contrasting colors for your blue hallway ideas, look to the color wheel for guidance and inspiration.

Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin states when decorating with art and planning your paint ideas, 'the boldness and warmth found in Blue will continue to be prominent in our homes. Darker colors such as blue form a much better background for paintings and artworks than white, which art galleries and museums have discovered.'

4. Get creative with paint

Hallway with floral wallpaper, blue painted doors and frames, chair placed in-between two doors, wooden frame, gray upholstery, white flooring, natural, textured rug

(Image credit: Dado Atelier Ltd)

Instead of painting the whole room for your hallway paint ideas, highlighting certain features through paint, such as doors, skirting boards and paneling, can make for a colorful and cohesive design. 

The blue paint used for the woodwork in this hallway has been color matched to a shade used in the beautiful, Fawn Orleans wallpaper by Dado Atelier. A sophisticated design that lets color and pattern take center-stage, getting creative with your paint ideas in the hallway can make for a stylish and unique design.

5. Make a statement with wallpaper

Hallway with bold, patterned dark blue wallpaper with contemporary floral patterns, dark black flooring, red bench with black metal frame, black and white spotted vase next to bench, looking out to corridor painted pink

(Image credit: Jake Curtis)

Hallway wallpaper ideas are great for making a colorful and characterful first impression, with there being a range of understated and dramatic blue designs to choose from.

The color blue is truly celebrated in this hallway space, with the bold, dark blue wallpaper with contemporary floral patterns making a real statement. The wallpaper design is enhanced by the use of matching blue paint on the woodwork, creating a striking, immersive affect. With furniture pieces such as the bench coordinating with the accent colors in the wallpaper design, the overall look makes for striking welcome into the home.

6. Uplift a traditional space

Traditional hallway with stone flooring, patterned red rug, bright blue painted walls, dark wood furniture, elegant, rounded glass and metal pendant lights, walls decorated with paintings and framed pictures

(Image credit: Time Inc (UK) Ltd)

Blue is a great color for both classic and modern styled spaces, and as shown in this hallway, it can be used to uplift a traditional space with an enhanced feeling of color and contemporary charm, one to remember for traditional hallway ideas.

The bright blue paint works wonderfully with the dark wooden furniture, with the smooth stone flooring adding lightness to the overall space. With elements such as the two patterned rugs uniting the whole scheme of different colors, materials and textures together, this blue hallway design feels both eclectic and refreshing.

7. Create a fresh and inviting atmosphere

Corner of a hallway with blue painted walls and paneling, natural, woven armchair with seat cushion, colorful patterned rug on dark wood flooring, wall mounted plants in rounded pot, plant pot on step beside chair, light and bright space

(Image credit: Valspar Paint)

With the color blue referencing memories of being by the sea and outdoors in the fresh air, choosing a light and bright shade for your blue hallway ideas can create an inviting atmosphere that transports us to the outside world.

Aptly named, this hallway has been painted in By the Seashore by Valspar Paint. The natural, textured chair and muted color palette on the comforting rug work with the calming blue paint to create a relaxed, cozy corner in this hallway, with finishing touches such as decorating with plants elevating that feeling of being outdoors and amongst nature.

8. Embrace a coastal style

Hallway with blue, patterned wallpaper, metal and glass console table decorated with books, flowers, vases, white table lamp, rounded textured mirror above table, dark wood flooring

(Image credit: Leah Atkins Designs, photography by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn)

Decorating with blue and white will always create a timeless and elegant scheme, and for many of us, this classic color combination is synonymous with coastal decor ideas.

As we have discussed, working with blue often evokes feelings of being by water, so why not elevate this one step further and create a charming coastal design for your blue hallway ideas.

Coastal decor does not always have to be centered around nautical prints and beach accessories, it can be as simple as working with colors and natural textures that remind us of the seaside.

In this hallway, designed by Leah Atkins Interior Design, the blue and white patterned wallpaper creates a beautiful backdrop for the sleek metal and glass shelf, decorated with objects and accessories in calming colors and textures. Finished with a large, statement mirror, the overall design is a great example of styling a shelf, and how to create an elegant, coastal look in a hallway.

9. Find the perfect shade to use throughout

Hallway with painted blue walls and built in cabinets, herringbone patterned dark wood flooring, view looking through hallway to kitchen with kitchen island

(Image credit: Zulufish)

This hallway by Zulufish has used a relaxing shade of cool blue throughout, creating a striking yet calming entrance into the home. 

Caroline Milns, head of interior Design at Zulufish states, 'when washed across the walls and doorways, blue can create a sense of rhythm and a feeling of flow that leads you through the heart of the home. In addition, it’s also a color that is easy to combine with other shades, as well as natural materials. For areas such as hallways which see high traffic, introducing color across paneling is an easy way to ensure scuffs are easily wiped away, it will also add a sophisticated finish bringing an extra layer of architectural detail.'

10. Keep things simple

Brent Darby

(Image credit: Hallway with pale wooden flooring, blue and white rug and white walls.)

Great for small hallway ideas where you want to keep the overall space light and bright, injecting small bursts of color through artwork and accessories can create an adaptable scheme that can be easily changed over time.

With light wooden flooring and off-white painted walls, this hallway incorporates the color blue through it's finishing touches. The soft, blue and white rug creates a cozy and grounding environment, with the colorful blue artwork and bright blue console shelf adding depth and character to the neutral space.

A simple and easy way to add color and personality to a room, getting creative with your accessories and furniture can be just as effective as paint or wallpaper for blue hallway ideas.

Is blue a good color for a hallway?

An incredibly versatile color to work with in interior design, there are so many beautiful blue shades to choose from to make a great first impression in your hallway. 

With its references to the ocean and the beauty of the natural world, working with blue in your hallway can create a timeless and sophisticated scheme. 

Caroline Milns states, 'there is a translucent quality to certain shades of blue that is very evocative of the expanse of the sky, or water, giving an instant connection to nature and feeling of serenity, perfect for creating a calming refuge and welcome to your home.'

Blue can work as a restful backdrop as well as creating a vibrant statement in a hallway, so whatever your style, there will be a blue hallway ideas to suit.

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