9 modern exterior house paint color ideas to embrace in 2024 (and 2025), according to experts

Paint experts share their top tips for a truly charming welcome

Trio of three home exterior designs with painted detail, blue and white
(Image credit: Future / Chris Coe / Jennifer McNeil)

Whether you're painting to sell your house or in the mood for living with stunning results, there is an endless roster of paint colors for the exterior of a house to explore.  Most are, naturally, alluring, but which are the most modern? 

To help you keep up curb appeal, we called on interior designers, and some brilliant paint brands too, for their expert opinions on the most contemporary exterior paint colors to consider for your home this year.

Modern brick house with black painted accents, warm lighting coming through windows, against dust skies with tree shadows framing building

(Image credit: Jennifer Hughes / Assembledge+)

Modern exterior house paint color ideas for 2024

Whether a new build is not quite as welcoming as you would like, or if your colonial-style home is overdue some outdoor design TLC, there is always a good reason to make your house exterior look more delightful (and expensive).

Knowing how often to paint the exterior of a house is just the start. (Every 5-10 years depending on various factors if you are curious.) Here are some color combinations to consider for a modern refresh. 

1. Whites, creams, and stoney colors

Home exterior painted in fresh ivory color, with greenery in borders around lawn and colorful planting on entrance

Maestri Studio design in Lyre, courtesy of Jenifer McNeil Baker

(Image credit: Jennifer McNeil Baker, Maestri Studio)

Fresh and timeless, it is no surprise the Lyre home proudly held the title of the Editor's Pick for Curb Appeal in the 2022 HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards. Fast-forward and this bright, clean, and simple color palette remains a timely choice for exterior home design according to designers. 

'Whites, creams and light neutrals are everywhere,' says Mindy O'Connor, principal and founder of Melinda Kelson O'Connor Architecture and Interiors. This approach works so well in this home that was given the iconic Maestri Studio treatment. The sloped roof, cladding, and array of window frames sit well within a more pared-back color palette that makes the perfect canvas for intricate architectural detail.

2. Classic, earthy tones

White painted brick Tudor home with winding path and verdant green lawn framing the front of the house

(Image credit: Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio)

The fresh and charming exterior color scheme is a beautiful introduction to the modern and timeless restoration of this Tudor home by the talented Maestri Studio design team once again. Its look was quickly reignited, going from dark to light with a lick of paint on the brick and trim, complemented by a new front door and Tudor-style gas lanterns. Since the home is in the Lakewood Conservation District, all of the front-of-house edits were carefully in keeping with the guidelines.

Inside the Avalon project, Maestri Studio used Farrow & Ball's Studio Green and Sherwin-Williams' Alabaster paint, creating a family space that beautifully conserves historic architectural detail, in a contemporary setting. Let these be an inspiration for the outside color of your home too...

'We’re seeing that whites, creams and earth tones will continue to be popular for home exteriors through 2024 and into 2025,' says Emily Kantz, the color marketing manager at Sherwin-Williams. 'Earthy neutrals have really grown in popularity since the pandemic. People wanted that connection to nature and to feel that in and around their homes. Paired with darker trim and accents, an Alabaster SW 7008 exterior can create a moody and natural curb appeal.' 

Woman with blonde hair in black floral dress on white background is Emily Kantz of Sherwin Williams
Emily Kantz

Emily Kantz serves as the Color Marketing Manager at Sherwin-Williams, infusing her passion for color trends into every aspect of her role since she joined the company 12 years ago. As a core member of the Color Trend Insight Group since 2017, Emily is instrumental in crafting Colormix: The Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast and identifying the Color of the Month. With a keen eye for design, Emily meticulously tracks color trends across various commercial segments, including healthcare and hospitality, staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

3. Accent trim

Maestri Studio lakewood house painted in SW with accent trim

Part of Maestri Studio's Lakewood house project, photography by Jenifer McNeil Baker

(Image credit: Jennifer McNeil Baker, Maestri Studio)

For an even more defined contrast, accent a lighter lick of paint with dark trim like we see here. The brick exterior on this Lakewood House is Sherwin Williams 7566 Westhighland White: a bright and creamy white that works well indoors on trim and kitchen cabinetry too. Maestri Studio then used SW 7069 Iron Ore for the exterior trim. This juxtaposition of color is a good look for the coming year. 

4. Sun-soaked shades

White home with blue painted fence and other architectural details in sunny setting with minimal planting

(Image credit: Jack Gardner for Brad Ramsey Interiors)

All shades of blue are painting streets everywhere with calming tones and positivity. None the more evident than in the above where the blue hue sits beautifully against the stucco exterior of this coastal-style home. 

Only adorning the fencing, columns, occasional window frames, and eaves, the color embodies Meditteranean warmth and flair. Part of Brad Ramsey Interiors' Well Traveled II Project on Alys Beach, Florida, the color palette nods to the location's sunny aesthetic and array of architectural styles. The lovely blue color on this exterior is the soft and airy Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue HC-144.

5. Inky pigments

lilac blue painted front door and porch on brick house

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Even still, for a more pigmented blue, a rich color like Farrow & Ball's Drawing Room Blue can bring a modern burst of energy to traditional homes. As we can see beautifully on this quintessentially British home exterior where painting just the porch maintains the integrity of the brick whilst accenting the eclectic detail of the woodwork. 'Deep blues or other saturated colors that pull back a little from true black or charcoal are also seeing popularity,' continues Mindy.

6. All-over denim blue

Blue painted siding on modern home with sloped roof and dining table and chairs outdoors

(Image credit: Yoshihiro Makino / Assembledge+)

For a truly modern exterior paint color, we are turning to the catwalk for inspiration, and jean blue has come out on top. This home showcases beautifully painted fiber cement board on an accessory dwelling unit. The gray/blue paneling adds depth and height to an already contemporary construct. It is an upgrade that gets the green light for creativity. 

'When it comes to painting any exterior siding, understanding the materials’ characteristics is key,' says David Thompson, Principal and Founder of Assembledge+. 'Siding that is inherently rot-proof or waterproof is primed for paint, as it won’t rely on the paint for protection. This means you can experiment with colors, knowing you have the freedom to repaint in the future.'

7. Green on green

Green painted exterior wall of house with yard bench and colorful planting

Farrow & Ball's Breakfast Room Green No.81 in Exterior Masonry on the wall is cheerily complemented by a bench painted in Farrow & Ball Cook's Blue

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

For more modern and gleeful looks to adorn the facade of our homes with, we called on brand ambassador, color expert, and Farrow & Ball's already iconic podcast The Chromologist host Patrick O'Donnell to share ideas. 'Green is one of the most perfect colors for a calming atmosphere both inside and out. Why not play on this theme and layer green on green throughout?' 

Blue and green clearly can be seen together, whether it's a porch railing or yard bench, make green the backdrop and be creative for true indoor-outdoor appeal. 'Paint walls or fencing in a deep, verdant green such as Duck Green and introduce some wooden or rattan furniture into the scheme, painted up in Verdigris Green to give a strong contrast against the wall area.' 

This is not the only way you can introduce a complementary color to set off a modern exterior paint color. Pay attention to front yard flower beds and borders in the backyard. The right foliage can create the warmest of welcomes. 

8. 'French and Italian Riviera' colors

Brick house with charming blue painted detail and lush verdant garden with pool

Paul de Andrade, President of Studio Kestrel's own home, photographed by Chris Coe,

(Image credit: Chris Coe for Paul)

Beyond classic colors that are synonymous with the sun, there are some hidden hues to appreciate in modern exterior paint colors. 'One of the more exciting developments in exterior paint colors is a renaissance of the timeless and elegant colors of the French and Italian Riviera,' says Paul de Andrade, president of Studio Kestrel. 'These colors – like clay, sunflower, olive, and amber – are not only subtle and timeless, but also create a warmth to the architecture against the blue of the sky, green of the surrounding landscape, and grays of pavements and overcast days.' 

Studio Kestrel founder, Paul de Andrade in neutral shirt on earth-toned background
Paul de Andrade

Paul de Andrade, founder and principal designer of Studio Kestrel, is dedicated to crafting spaces that transcend the ordinary. With a background in engineering and journalism, he brings a unique perspective to interior design, with a portfolio spanning residential and commercial. Studio Kestrel's ethos revolves around design that evolves in value and enriches lives, ensuring efficiency and transparency in every project. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, Paul and his team prioritize an unparalleled client experience.

9. Ashy tones with color twists

Modern home painted in Behr's Dark Ash, with all trim and garage door in Whisper White, and front door in Charismatic, Shingles, porch ceiling and columns in Tugboat stain

All Siding house body in Behr's Dark Ash; All trim & garage door in Whisper White; Front door in Charismatic; Shingles, porch ceiling & columns in Tugboat stain

(Image credit: Behr)

Naturally, gray is here to stay. However, dopamine decorators, who seek a bright and more pigmented pop of color, consider your front door as the ideal vessel, especially with ashy tones as a backdrop.

Behr’s VP of Color and Creative Services, Erika Woelfel, suggests exciting door colors like Charismatic, an 'alluring yellow,' and Tiki Torch, for a vibrant orange twist against more demurely painted exteriors in Dark Ash and Jungle Camouflage, with lighter trim in Whisper White or Ultra Pure White, for example. As we can see in the above home, the dark on light and bright accenting gives the front brick facade a fresh look without painting the material itself.

Erika Woelfel Behr’s VP of Color and Creative Services.
Erika Woelfel

Erika Woelfel brings over 20 years of experience to her role as Vice President of Color & Creative Services at the Behr Paint Company. Her background includes a mix of color consulting, visual merchandising, PR planning, graphic design and marketing communications.


'The interest in whites and creams for exteriors is not slowing down in 2024,' says Emily of Sherwin Williams. 'Greek Villa SW 7551 is another one of our highly tinted whites that is creamy yet bright and inviting.' Timeless, but versatile, and modern through and through, much like gray, warm neutrals are ideal to team with a brighter color kick on the front door and/or trim. They will accompany brickwork well too. 

For those that lean towards much deeper tones, even black, rest assured that dark and moody home exteriors can be a go-to for a modern home. 'Another trend that shows no sign of slowing down is the all-black exterior that provides a chic look and elevated feeling,' explains Emily. 

How can you pick the right exterior paint color for your home?

For a paint transformation as on show as this, getting it right is essential. You want to make a good talking point and boost curb appeal. For this, be sympathetic to your home's architectural style and location.

'Most importantly, however, context is paramount for exterior paint colors (and all design decisions),' highlights Mindy. 'While trends come and go, a home's style and beauty is meant to last through cycles of taste and trends, and should emanate from the dominant architectural features and its facade.'

Should you paint a brick home entirely?

It is often wooden-clad homes that are primed to be fully painted, but as we have seen, traditional brick homes can look particularly smart and contemporary with a lick of paint – whether this is all over, or on surrounding features. The key to success is in your approach Mindy tells us. 'Make sure to coordinate your color palette with the existing tones in the stone or brick foundation of your home, the roof and any trim or details.'

The paint colors for your home might look different to your friend's or even your neighbor's. 'A paint scheme based off of a white clapboard farmhouse look with black trim does not lend itself to every architectural style or exterior material,' continues Mindy. 'Stone and brick homes require a different sensibility, as do beach cottages or intricate Victorian woodwork, and the neighborhood, climate and size of the house also help dictate which colors will feel most natural and sophisticated.'

Furthermore, paint could be a wise cosmetic fix for a less-than-perfect brick facade: 'Painting offers a seamless solution for damaged or cracked brick that requires patching or replacement, ensuring a uniform finish,' continues David of Assembledge+. 'Mineral or silicate-based paints on an unfinished brick allow the porous material to breathe and prevent degradation over time.'

'If the brick has been previously painted, a new coat can provide a much-needed refresh, provided that the surface is properly cleaned and prepped.' Naturally, if you are concerned for the structural integrity of your home, seek advice from a professional tradesperson. 

Every home is unique, so go with the grain of the exterior material, architectural style, and neighborhood setting you are working with for success. Choosing the perfect color combination and painting the exterior of your home at the best time will turn heads in all the right ways.

Camille Dubuis-Welch
Contributing Editor

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