I write about them for a living – these are the best Labor Day deals on large appliances

Labor Day deals are an excellent time to invest in the refrigerator that you've admired or the washer you need. Our experts have found the best deals online

luxury kitchen with refrigerator and washing machine
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There are plenty of excellent Labor Day deals on mattress and furniture but I think the best deals might be on big appliances. I've looked at all the Labor Day sales and these are the best discounts you'll find.

Samsung, LG, GE, and Bosch have all slashed the prices of their products. From refrigerators to air purifiers, you can update your home with the latest tech, complete to the highest specs.

All of these are featured in our roundups, such as the best washing machines. We would buy them at full price, so, when they're reduced, they're close to irresistible.

Labor Day Appliance Deals


A kitchen with a silver refrigerator

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Refrigerators have one job and yet some do it much better than others. All of these are energy efficient, smartly designed, and kitted out with the latest technology. With integrated freezers, they'll be the hub of any kitchen.

Washer Dryers

kitchen with washer

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A washer dryer can cover all of your cleaning needs, transforming laundry from a chore to an easy win. These are the most compact duos, which are also market leaders. With thousands to save, don't waste any time.


Luxury kitchen with bar

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A good dishwasher can make all the difference to your cleaning routine. If they're easy to stack, thorough to wash, and experts at drying, you'll save your hands a lot of wear. These are three of the best dishwashers on the market, all discounted by hundreds of dollars.

Air Purifiers

An air purifier in the corner of an open-plan kitchen with an island in the middle

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Air purifiers are a room essential, especially if you live in a city. They eliminate the harmful chemicals from your surroundings and they often double-up as fans too. I love Dyson's fan and purifier; it's the one I have at home.


When is Labor Day?

This year Labor Day is September 4 and the sales started a few days ago and I've seen some incredible deals

Should I buy appliances in the sale?

These are some of the best appliances on the market. They're only reduced because it's Labor Day.

Final Thoughts

You can save thousands on appliances this Labor Day. All of these refrigerators, washers, and washing machines are in our buying guides already, so I thought they were worth buying at full price. Now that they're discounted for Labor day, they're even better value.

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