The most popular kitchen designs, according to Neptune

Creating beautiful, functional furniture which lasts a lifetime, the company focus on attention to detail.

Take considered design, high-quality materials, talented craftsman and traditional carpentry techniques and you’ll start to realise what Neptune kitchens are all about.

Here they have narrowed down their best kitchens and most popular kitchen designs from their extensive range.

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best kitchens Neptune


Neptune kitchens come in a wide range of colours. ‘This season, we’re turning our attention to colour and how it affects the feel of a room, whether you’re painting the walls the same colour as the cabinets for a blanketed look or seeking stark contrast between cabinet and worktop, colour is the element that brings your home’s foundations to life.

We have 28 core shades to choose from and this season, we’ve introduced a new shade – Saffron – a grounded, warming yellow which works well as an accent to a neutral base, in a cabinet’s interior perhaps, or as your palette’s foundation.’ – Ishini Perera, Kitchen Designer at Neptune Cambridge

Neptune kitchens

Neptune kitchens


‘Rather than the puritan white kitchen, one of the most popular routes to take is to have a coloured kitchen island or to paint wall cabinets in a contrasting colour. For customers who find the prospect of deviating from anything other than white too daunting, texture is another clever way to create some contrast.

From cladding ceilings in our Cranbrook shiplap panelling, changing the flooring to weathered wood floorboards or even aged terracotta, exposing some original brickwork as a splash back or as a feature wall, or opting for a purposefully non-smooth plaster finish on the walls, there are lots of ways, subtle or not, to give white kitchens plenty of tonal and textural contrasts for company.’ – Claire Birkbeck, Kitchen Designer at Neptune Bath

best kitchens Neptune


‘The great advantage of freestanding pieces is they’re configurable to perform precisely how you want them to. Even in the tiniest of kitchens, floorspaces can allow for a freestanding piece. You’ll want to ensure it’s the multitasking hero of the whole room and it earns its keep.

You should want to receive storage space from it, room for an appliance or two (be it a wine cooler, an undercounted fridge, dishwasher or sink) and certainly an overhang for seating.’ – Nicki Ingham, Kitchen Designer at Neptune Fulham

best kitchens Neptune


'Often with sizeable pieces of modular storage, you’re restricted to which rooms it can fit in, and if you move house, you have to leave it behind. Our timeless approach to furniture design isn’t purely about aesthetics that won’t fall out of favour or materials that will stand the test of time, but also to make pieces that can grow old with you and adapt.

They’re pieces to invest in for a lifetime, that can move with you from home to home, changing as needed. Which is a far more planet-conscious way to create too.' – Henry Tovey, Neptune Designer (on designing Chawton)

Neptune kitchens


‘While your kitchen is there to be lived in and loved – a space to cook in, make a mess in, relax in and dine in as you please – a little organisation always goes a long way. From what’s on display on the work surfaces to what greets you when you open cabinet doors and drawers, a display of calm and order will make your space feel far less cluttered, and therefore more spacious.

Kitchen design has a large part to play with kitchen organisation. Knife holders, spice racks, wet stores, larder bridges and drawer dividers are all instruments that help to clear up the worktop and display your contents in an orderly, beautifully arranged fashion.’ – Ashley Brunt, Kitchen Designer at Neptune York

Neptune kitchens