8 beige entryway ideas to create an effortlessly sophisticated scheme

This color has more character than meets the eye

Beige entryway ideas
(Image credit: Ingalls Photo, for KES Studio/Tim Lenz for Joshua Smith/Jake Curtis/ Alyce Taylor)

Smooth, tranquil, and adaptable, there are many reasons why a beige entryway can make a fine choice. That said, unless you have been successfully dressing your home in neutrals your entire life, decorating with beige often feels like it must be so easy to do, that it shouldn't be done at all for it errs on the side of boring. 

When, in fact, there is much more to decorating with beige than meets the discerning eye, and getting it right can bring your home into its own, providing an exceptional amount of design detail. 

Some rooms could arguably be more beige than others. A beige living room, for example, is not out of the ordinary – nor is a modern beige bathroom for that matter – but interior feinds know that taking pride in the appearance of our homes, and how they make us feel from the moment we set foot in the door, is incredibly rewarding. While beige will do, a bland beige color scheme will not. And if a beige entryway is to intrigue guests, it is going to have to work hard, but be quite subtle about it.

8 beige entryways that are far from boring

With that said, beige has been a key color to watch for the past few years, often coined as the new gray, this color and all of its hues can work its magic in many spaces, giving calm and sophisticated appeal.

'I called it a year ago, but beige is back!' exclaims Joshua Smith, Principal and Founder of Joshua Smith Inc. 'Beige is a “catch-all” kind of name with so many variations.' Whether your home is already proudly hosting all the beige bedroom ideas or only just letting it accent the color scheme in your home, let these looks inspire you to bring all of the versatility of beige to your entryway.

Josh Smith
Joshua Smith

With projects on both coasts, Joshua Smith Inc, offers full-service residential interior design – and life-changing spaces. Based in Manchester Vermont, Joshua draws on decades of experience transforming functional spaces into inspiring environments that engage the senses and nourish the soul. A graduate of the New York School of Interior Design, he later went onto join Steven Gambrel, a globally influential interior design firm, before creating his own design firm in 2013.

1. Keep beige tactile with texture

Lofty entryway with textured rug, slimline wooden console with framed, leaning mirror placed behind table lamp and indoor plant

(Image credit: Life Created Photography for Living with Lolo)

To work beige effortlessly, texture is essential says Kara Smith, founder and principal of KES Studios. Layering soft furnishings like entryway rugs, and accessories in contrasting finishes and interesting patterns will give beige a look that is far from plain or predictable. 'A chunky woven area rug, and furniture in a combination of materials like wood, metal, and stone and a collection of pillows in a variety of materials like raffia or Kuba cloth, leather, faux Sherpa, or fur all provide layers that add interest,' notes Smith. 

Kara Smith
Kara Smith

Kara Smith, founder of KES Studio, is a self-taught designer with a passion for exploring new styles, curating art from around the globe, and integrating bespoke product design. Viewing each project as a chance to craft something truly unique, Kara believes that thoughtful design begins with understanding the client’s aesthetic as well as the goals and challenges of the project and fusing it with her interpretation to create iconic and bespoke designs. While Kara is intimately involved with each project on a day-to-day basis, she continually seeks inspiration through travel, art, and culture. She is not only aware of emerging trends, but is a tastemaker herself, helping to influence the future of design.

2. Color drench to tap into the expanse

Relaxed, neutral corridor space, wooden flooring, large windows, steps up into a different room, woven basket on floor

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

Beige is inoffensive and adaptable by nature, so bringing it onto all four walls can create an expansive and uplifting canvas, that is ripe for adding interest elsewhere to enhance the space. 'Beige is a wonderful choice of color for an entry in almost any scenario, large and small spaces alike,' says Jessica Shaw. 'With the right color, it can instantly provide a mood of calmness and serenity. I love Benjamin Moore CALM OC-22. This is a great choice for drenching a small space that may not receive any natural light.'

'For more color and a warmer hue, Muslin OC-12 is a winner,' continues Shaw. 

Jessica Shaw, Director of interior Design
Jessica Shaw

Jessica Shaw hails from Toronto, Canada, where she received her BFA in Interior Design from Ryerson University’s acclaimed School of Interior Design. During the course of Jessica’s professional experience she has pushed the boundaries of the conventional role of Interior Designer. With experience from retail and residential design to live events; production design and art direction for film; video production for installations and performance art, the diversity of Ms. Shaw’s past experience has fused and informed what her interior design skills embody today.

3. Sculpt beige with natural elements

Warm, neutral entryway with round white console, wooden flooring and decorative branches

(Image credit: Ingalls Photo, for KES Studio)

Indoor trees and plants will add interest and serenity to every entryway, and by deepening the chosen color scheme, natural elements can soften, or even add definition to a space. With a beige entryway that might want a linear contrast to a mix of soft hues, gather branches in vases, add a Mother in Law's tongue, or employ a money tree for a dose of the tropics.

'A sculptural or unique specimen tree or plant in a textured stone planter provides neutral color, texture and airiness,' continues Smith.  If you are a very busy household, easy plants that will not want too much attention may be wise to ensure your entryway remains polished-looking, and your indoor greenery in good spirits.

4. Offset beige with white, and warm hues

Light beige entryway space with round wall mirror atop console and white sculptural pendent lighting

Space created by Brad Ramsey Interiors

(Image credit: Jack Gardner)

For both subtle, and less subtle defining elements, combine the lightest of hues with beige. The unexpected contrast will lift beige and bring its natural cozy character to the forefront of your design scheme in a way that beautifully defines an entryway space. 'Brightening with white is never out of style,' notes Shaw.

'Adding a pop of slightly off-white brings freshness to beiges, and just a touch of black helps to ground a space, while still maintaining a sophisticated, monochromatic look,' agrees Kara Smith. Weave these accents in via accessories like vases for greenery, or even in frames and artwork. This will bring a sense of cohesiveness and most importantly, avoid a washout finish.

Joshua Smith notes how tapping into a variety of shades can bring a relaxing finish to a beige entryway scheme. 'There’s a warm to the color beige that can help ground our nervous system, which is exactly the type of response we want when first entering our homes,'

'It also works with every color; I often work with neutral palettes when creating sanctuary vibes for a space. The key to keeping an entryway interesting is to bring in the gray, greige, beige, and creams. I also love to pair it with darker brown colors for a contrast that's still warm.'

5. Accent beige with black for an elegant finish

contemporary sideboard with fluted front, table lamp and objects displayed above

(Image credit: Future / Jake Curtis / Alyce Taylor)

Particularly if you fall for modern entryway ideas, accenting beige with black will bring elegance and delight to your home. 

Shaw notes how beige and black can look effortlessly stylish and sophisticated: 'When mixed with black, in particular black lacquer, you can achieve a classy and classic style.' This look definitely touches on warm minimalism – a key interior trend for 2024 and no doubt beyond.

'Given its neutrality - you can add personal flair and originality by accenting almost any color with beige, just be mindful as to your beige's color temperature/family (warm or cool) when selecting your accent color(s).'

6. Let artwork bring drama and dimension

White and beige entryway with distressed greige door and decorated round console table for interest

(Image credit: Lisa Romerin for Joshua Smith)

Be it a small frame or a three-dimensional object atop your favorite console, statement artwork will add a personal element and bring a statement to beige colorways in an entryway, particularly if your space is expansive.

'Showcase a vibrantly colored or dimensional piece of art or a dramatic sculpture to add interest and make a statement,' recommends Smith. Should your entryway be on the small side, use the walls and be clever with entry table decor, choosing slimline but nonetheless impactful pieces to lift a beige backdrop. This look could easily spill into the hallway to continue a beige theme throughout the home.

7. Enhance light beige levels with reflective elements

A modern hallway idea with large modern console table with curved underside, topped with table lamp and vase of flowers

(Image credit: Future)

Designers have used mirrors to make spaces appear larger for years, and reflective elements can work particularly well in a beige entryway to add an interesting dimension to a soft color scheme. Consider placing mirrors unexpectedly to reflect interesting objects, like vases, sculptural plants, and other static elements. Employing more than one mirror and reflective finishes on pots and furnishings will bounce natural light around the room, adding vast dimension and drenching your entryway in unique personality.

8. Layer lighting for dramatic effect

Large and lavish entryway space painted in rich beige, accented with lamps, mahogany console and layered lighting

(Image credit: Tim Lenz for Joshua Smith)

You may be blessed with an entryway that is flooded with natural light, but even still, in a beige entryway, accent lighting can add a little more charm and warmth. Combine classic hallway lighting fixtures with wall sconces, console table lamps and more that will lift the space with sculptural pops of interest, not to mention welcoming light.


How can I use beige in my small entryway?

Beige can still be used in a small or particularly narrow entryway. Choose the right hues and color combinations to bring out its lofty properties and expand the space visually. 

Shaw recommends some specific paint Benjamin Moore colors that will complement beige effortlessly. As noted 'Benjamin Moore CALM OC-22.' is ideal in a small and light-starved entryway, while Muslin OC-12 is slightly warmer, making it ideal in a small entryway that still feels a little cool. Use the walls to accent beige with darker frames in a minimal gallery wall, and add a reflective element using mirrors, to bounce natural and artificial light around the space too – all will work in favor of a small entryway.

Combine beige with all of its hues and punctuate this interesting color with dark accents or even lighter artistic pieces for the most elegant of entryways.

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