New British Standard by Plain English online guides help to create the perfect kitchen

You can now get top tips for creating your dream kitchen from the experts…

Looking to update your kitchen but not sure where to start? Do not panic… brand-new British Standard by Plain English online guides have launched to help you seamlessly navigate the process.

There are four guides in total, looking at everything from how to choose the right colour for your kitchen, to thoughts around selecting the right worktop.

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We've rounded up a top tips from each of the four guides to give you an insight into how to give your kitchen a thoroughly modern makeover.

Guide No.1: How to paint your kitchen cupboards

British Standard by Plain English online guides

British Standard cupboards can easily be customised with colour for a unique look that's personal to you.

There are no set rules when it comes to painting your cupboards, but there are different techniques you might like to try to create different 'looks'.

Colour block is a simple way to add interest to an otherwise plain room. Colour blocking is when you split the whole room with a horizontal line, placing one colour above and another below. Easy but effective and a little adventurous.

Guide No. 2: Which kitchen worktop?

British Standard by Plain English online guides

There are pros and cons for most kitchen worktop materials, so it's really just a matter of personal taste. Wood is a classic option but do take into consideration that it may need maintenance if it's constantly getting wet.

Granite and stone are a great durable choice, says British Standard creative director Katie Fontana, but may leave a slightly 'colder' looking finish than wood. Stainless steel offers a cool industrial look, but be aware it marks very easily. These scratches will become part of the look over time and are often part of the appeal.

Guide No. 3: Being creative with space

British Standard by Plain English online guides

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The British Standard by Plain English online guides offers 10 top tips for being creative in the kitchen. Here's one of favourites: Try floor cupboards with a simple eye level shelf for chic high-level storage rather than the expected wall cupboards.

Guide No. 4: Choosing the right colour for your kitchen

British Standard by Plain English online guides

When choosing the right colour for your kitchen, there are a number of things to consider, such as whether you are looking for a classic look or a more contemporary or industrial look.

Think about using inspiration, like Pinterest, Houzz and, of course Homes & Gardens, to create a mood board for looks you like. Also take into account the lighting in your kitchen. If it points north, the light will have a constant cool blue quality, whereas south facing room can become flooded with sunlight, bleaching out light colours.

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Think about your choice of worktop, too: a dark timber or stone will always contrast beautifully with a lighter colour on the cupboards, while a strong, deep colour will create a bold, punchier look.

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules, as long as you are happy with it. But, to help you even further, British Standard has also recently launched free two-hour design consultations at its Hoxton showroom.

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