Seven easy garden ideas to brighten your outdoor space

Give a tired garden a boost with one or more of these simple style ideas.

During the lockdown our gardens have become our salvation, and we’re spending more time outside than ever before. With this in mind – and with garden centres re-opening – there are a few quick, simple steps you can take to give your garden a new lease of life.


Add some wow factor to your garden walls with an outsized mirror. It’ll reflect sunlight and if positioned cleverly, can make a small garden design seem larger. 

Traditional outdoor mirrors can be heavy and must be secured to the wall with the correct fixings. Modern acrylic mirrors are lighter and come in a variety of styles. An illusion mirror can create dramatic effects such as appearing to be a garden gate in a wall or hedge or a window, but whichever you choose, an outdoor mirror is transformative.

easy garden ideas

(Image credit: Simon Bevan)


A pretty outdoor rug is just the thing for your patio or lawn. Choose a rug made from waterproof material that is super easy to care for, just vacuum or hose clean. They are soft enough to slip under your garden table for a touch of interior chic, and hardwearing enough to take a pounding in heavy traffic areas.

easy garden ideas

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A sure fire way to jazz up your garden is to give your outdoor woodwork a cheery lick of colour. Protek wood stains are waterbased timber coatings, stains and preservatives perfect for use on sheds, fences and garden furniture. They contain organic pigments and an enriching formula which dries to a plant and animal safe finish, so they not only look good, they are environmentally-friendly, too. Choose from a wide range of colours, from soft off-whites to vibrant hues.

easy garden ideas

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Outdoor fairy lights and lanterns are easily purchased and great for use all year round. Simple and affordable, you can arrange them through trees and branches, attach them round fences or arrange them overhead to create a festival-style feel.Today, there are legions of lighting options that allow us to transform what was formerly a foreboding black space into a magical landscape, complete with colour, beams and a variety of effects, whilst also providing safe passage down steps and through pathways.

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Create an extra living space in your garden by investing in new garden furniture. This is an easy way to alter the whole look and feel of your garden and will encourage you to spend more time outside, making the most of the warm weather. With holidays more likely to be spent at home this year, you’ll be glad for the extra space.

easy garden ideas

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Hanging baskets are easy to make and look instantly impressive, adding colour and life to any doorway or patio. Fill your baskets with your favourite flowers and use them as an opportunity to improve your planting skills. If florals aren’t your thing, fill the baskets with greenery or try planting fruit, veg or herbs. For larger garden areas, why not try a planter. More of a staple piece to your outdoor space than the hanging baskets, a planter will look instantly impressive in any garden.

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The ultimate summer companion, a fire pit is an impressive addition to any patio or decking. Take full advantage of the good weather and create the feel of a holiday villa in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, a fire pit is very versatile; not only can it aid a hot summer night in July, but also create a cosy feel come October.

(Image credit: Emma Lee)

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