Charming wooden chests of drawers in all shapes and sizes

Spring is a great time of year to get organised. Why not do it in style with these beautiful wooden chests?

Our selection of stylish wooden chests of drawers will help you find the perfect piece to complete your scheme.

Rather than jumping on the trend bandwagons, opting for wood over other materials and finishes provides you with a look that will stand the test of time.


Photography / Brent Darby

When picking the perfect wooden chest of drawers, there’s a lot to consider. The most important factor being what you want to store in it.

If you’re planning for your drawers to double up as a bedside table, you’ll be looking for a slimline chest with a few small drawers for all those bedtime essentials – cashmere socks, a sleep mask, and so on.


Photography / David Lovatti

Whereas, if you need storing for bedding, extra-wide drawers that won’t crumple your freshly laundered sheets are a must.

For clothes storage, you’ll value a chest with drawers of varying sizes – perhaps a few smaller compartments at the top for lingerie and hosiery, increasing in size to accommodate t-shirts and camisoles, then chunkier knitwear.

In terms of the tone of your wood, head to either end of the spectrum for a look that’s on point. So either a very pale white oak or ash, or a rich and dark walnut. Texture is also key – Andrew Martin’s Raffles chest, for example, mimics woven linen through it’s unusual grain.

We’ve picked out the very best to give you some sophisticated storage solutions.