5 ways to decorate with Snowbound – Sherwin-Williams' endlessly versatile cool white paint

Designers weigh in on this universally flattering white paint

Sherwin-Williams Snowbound used in various rooms
(Image credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors/photography Julie Soefer, Oxford Design Studio, Betsy Wentz Interior Design)

White is undoubtedly one of the most timeless paint colors. Creating a bright yet pared-back feel throughout the home, white paint is a classic choice that outlives trends.

But within the department of white paints, the variety is vast. From warm whites to cooler shades, the differences between white paints may seem subtle but can indeed create a totally different look and feel. 

Claiming its spot as one of Sherwin-Williams' best-selling paints, Snowbound is an example of a universally popular best white paint that falls within the cooler category. When decorating with white, designers often turn to this paint due to its versatility and flattering finish. 

What color is Snowbound?

Sherwin-Williams' Snowbound is a cool-toned white paint that has a very subtle gray undertone to it. 'Snowbound is a lovely neutral that skews cool thanks to subtle gray undertones,' observes interior designer Kathy Kuo.

While you may naturally associate cool-toned whites with appearing sterile, Snowbound is the opposite. Showbound manages to maintain a fresh, crisp look thanks to the gray tones, yet when used across home decor ideas it feels cozy and far from stark. 

'Snowbound has the perfect cool tone, giving it the versatility it needs to be used in most spaces of the home,' explains interior designer Luis Carmona, founder of VERDE Interior Design. 'It isn't stark white but is still bright enough to help a space look more open and airy, and any direct sunlight that it receives will help balance out the cooler, gray tones that it has.' 

5 ways to decorate with Snowbound

While Snowbound is an incredibly versatile paint that can be used in many spaces and across many decor styles, we've rounded up five tried-and-tested ways to decorate with it.

From creating a relaxing bedroom to a timeless kitchen, keep reading to gain some inspiration for decorating with this cool shade of white. 

1. Create a timeless, fresh bathroom

neutral bathroom with white walls

(Image credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors, photography Julie Soefer)

You can't go wrong with a neutral color scheme in a bathroom; it's a simple way to create a fresh look and feel. Interior designer Marie Flanigan explains below why Snowbound made the perfect paint for her very own white bathroom

'I love Sherwin-Williams’ Snowbound, so much so that I used it in my own primary bathroom. Snowbound achieves exquisite balance, it’s a beautiful white paint that exudes both sophistication and comfort.'

Marie adds that this shade of white feels cozy and avoids appearing stark, which can often be the case with white paints: 'This versatile shade also possesses the unique ability to create a cozy ambiance while still maintaining a crisp, blank canvas feel. Often whites can feel somewhat stark, but Snowbound gives a space the timeless elegance and refreshing openness that’s associated with a classic white backdrop.'

2. Color drench a bedroom for a calming scheme

neutral bedroom with green curtains and purple bed

(Image credit: Betsy Wentz Interior Design)

Similarly, Snowbound makes for an effective paint choice in bedroom ideas. By color-drenching a bedroom, Snowbound will help create a calming space that outlives any interior design trends

Interior designer Betsy Wentz designed the white bedroom above, using Snowbound across the walls and ceiling. 'Snowbound is a really great cool-toned white with just a touch of gray that works well for everything,' says Betsy. She adds that this versatile white 'pairs well with greens and purples' as demonstrated in the space above through soft furnishings. 

3. Create a light and breezy kitchen

neutral kitchen with island unit

(Image credit: Oxford Design Studio)

Since Snowbound is such an all-rounder, it can also work well for kitchens. White kitchen ideas are one of the most classic choices, and Snowbound can be the perfect paint to capture the simplicity of white while avoiding a clinical look.

Designers at Oxford Design Studio used Snowbound across the kitchen cabinets in the modern kitchen pictured above. 

Jordan Winston and Tate Casper, principals at the Florida-based design studio weigh in on this kitchen color idea: 'Snowbound is a universally flattering shade of white. Its versatility makes it the perfect choice for interior trim and millwork.'

4. Use Snowbound as the backdrop for a gallery wall

corner couch with patterned throw pillow and a galley wall

(Image credit: Studio Atkinson)

Using Snowbound as the wall color for gallery wall ideas is another expert-suggested way of decorating with this flattering shade. 'Use Snowbound as a gallery wall background to highlight art and photographs,' suggests interior designer Melanie Coddington of Coddington Design.

Interior designer Emily Summers of Emily Summers Design Associates also turns to Snowbound when decorating with art, explaining: 'Snowbound provides a neutral background when designing around a client’s existing art collection, allowing the artworks to stand out on the wall versus compete with a more saturated wall color.'

5. Decorate with contrasting accents

White dining room painted in snowbound by Sherwin Williams

(Image credit: Mollie Ranize/Molly Rose)

For a slightly more dramatic look, incorporating darker-colored accents will create contrast when decorating with Snowbound. This can help create a moodier aesthetic, while still benefiting from the timeless appeal of this popular white paint. 

'Snowbound is such a gorgeous, versatile white that can translate into any interior design style,' explains designer Laura Williams of ATX Interior Design. 'Since it leans on the cooler scale of whites, I love to style Snowbound with blue hues, and contrasting black accents for an inviting, relaxed, yet elevated look.'

Melanie Coddington recommends a similar approach, adding that bolder accents can create a striking interior scheme: 'Pair Snowbound with bold accent colors or vibrant furniture pieces to create a striking contrast. This can make the room feel dynamic and visually interesting.'

The ways in which you can decorate with Snowbound in your home are endless. Whether you choose this white paint for a calming bathroom or kitchen, you really can't go too wrong with this popular cool white paint. 

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