These are the UK's most popular paint colours for every room

Which hue is the clear winner?

Choosing a paint colour for a room is exciting, but it can undoubtedly sometimes be a stressful and lengthy process. So knowing the nation's most popular paint colours is a great start for some interiors inspiration.

It’s an important decision to make, with certain colours not only impacting your mood but also creating the lead for the look and tone of the entire room.

So, to make the whole process easier for you, has completed extensive research into the most popular paint colours for each room of the house.

Farrow & Ball best paint

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Farrow & Ball's ever-popular Hague Blue has emerged triumphant overall, being the top colour for the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Discover what else is enduringly popular below.

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1. Hague Blue (Farrow & Ball) – 8,760 annual searches2. Stiffkey Blue (Farrow & Ball) – 4,580 annual searches3. Cornforth White (Farrow & Ball) – 4,460 annual searches4. Elephant’s Breath (Farrow & Ball) – 3,000 annual searches5. Chic Shadow (Dulux) – 2,980 annual searches

Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball is the clear winner for the kitchen. An extensive 8,760 people searched for this colour, accounting for 37% of the top five searches. In fact, Hague Blue had almost double the number of Google searches than its inky counterpart, Stiffkey Blue, which is the second most popular colour for the kitchen, attracting 4,580 searches.

However, both of these beautiful blues would work well with white or wooden countertops. Accessorise with gold, copper, or brass fixtures for an on-trend style.

The third most searched for paint colour for the kitchen was Cornforth White, with 4,460 of UK searches. This is a chic middle tone grey that verges on white and can be paired with a softer grey to achieve a sleek clean look that still has some warmth to it. Or, if you were looking for something a bit more contrasting, combine Cornforth White with a charcoal grey or teal.

1. Hague Blue (Farrow & Ball) – 8,220 annual searches2. Elephant’s Breath (Farrow & Ball) – 2,950 annual searches3. Inchyra Blue (Farrow & Ball) – 2,580 annual searches4. Sapphire Salute (Dulux) – 2,540 annual searches5. Cornforth White (Farrow & Ball) – 2,440 annual searches

Farrow and Ball's Hague Blue accounts for 44% of the top Google searches for living room paint colours.

As the room where you go to relax and feel calm, it’s unsurprising that classy colours like blue (Hague Blue, Farrow & Ball) and grey (Elephant’s Breath,Farrow & Ball) were, respectively, the most popular for the living room.

If you’re after deep blue walls such as Hague Blue, you may want to opt for a mid-tone grey sofa that will contrast against the dark blue walls due to the depth of tones, or go bold and pair with other jewel tones.

In second place, Elephant’s Breath (pictured above) gained 2,950 searches for the living room. This gorgeous grey is ideal for the living room as it’s versatile and can easily make this room feel cosy with its warm tones.

1. Hague Blue (Farrow & Ball) – 6,650 annual searches2. Sulking Room Pink (Farrow & Ball) – 5,500 annual searches3. Elephant’s Breath (Farrow & Ball) – 5,360 annual searches4. Sapphire Salute’ (Dulux) – 4,640 annual searches5. Denim Drift (Dulux) – 4,160 annual searches

Hague Blue was a winner in the bedroom too, thanks to its rich, sumptuous and relaxing vibe.

Sulking Room Pink from Farrow & Ball was the second most Googled paint colour for the bedroom. This paint colour amassed 5,500 Google searches, 1,150 less searches than the most popular Hague Blue.

This pink colour oozes sophistication with its warm and powdery feel, and can be combined with contemporary or traditional furnishings.

If you’re feeling adventurous, this muted pink would work well with teal for a beautiful, rich look.

1. Sapphire Salute (Dulux) – 3,560 annual searches2. Hague Blue (Farrow & Ball) – 3,040 annual searches3. Chic Shadow (Dulux) – 2,550 annual searches4. Stiffkey Blue (Farrow & Ball) – 2,250 annual searches5. Polished Pebble (Dulux) – 2,040 annual searches

The research uncovered that Dulux’s Sapphire Salute is the most popular colour for the bathroom, accounting for 26% (3,560) of the top five Google searches. However, following closely behind is Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue again, with 3,040 searches.

These blues balance beautifully with gold accents, such as gold taps, lights or mirrors. You could also use a bold patterned tile for the floor and use chic subway tiles for the shower area.

However, if you’re looking for other colours to use in your bathroom, neutral greys would work well, such as the third choice Chic Shadow (Dulux) and fifth Polished Pebble (Dulux), pictured above.

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