Decorative console tables to pair up in your hallway

Place a console table, chest-of-drawers or side table either side of a doorway or fireplace to create beautiful symmetry.

The humble console table is often thought of as a handy surface for hallways and corridors or as additional storage space for a disused corner of a room.

When Kit Kemp was our guest editor in June 2020, she wanted to highlight how important a table can be within a space. Whether it’s setting a tone in a dining room, becoming a focal point of a scheme or simply displaying beautiful flowers, surfaces are worth considering early on when planning your design.

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Photography / Courtesy of Kit Kemp

Using pairs of consoles, chests or over-sized side tables draws the eye into a space by creating a calming and satisfying sense of symmetry. The idea of doubling up on furniture in one space also amplifies the drama and grandeur. It’s therefore the perfect treatment for fireplaces, hallways and bedsides.

By using matching tables, you combine their original purpose with a sort of beauty that adds interest.

Don’t get us wrong, these tables don’t have to be used in pairs. They could be perfect to sit behind a sofa in a large living room space, next to your armchair to hold your reading light, next to the bed as an oversized bedside table or even as a dressing table as a place to get ready in the morning.


Photography / Courtesy of Kit Kemp

The options really are endless and that’s why we wanted to give the trusty console table some airtime.

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We have complied a list of our favourite styles that would work perfectly in pairs – or as stand-alone pieces. From the slim and sophisticated style of Andrew Martin’s demi-moon design to the dramatic sculptured masterpiece from Porta Romana.

These designs will work in a number of spaces – all your have to do is pick your favourite!