Christmas door decor ideas – 20 ways to dress up your doors this festive season

From beautiful wreaths to twinkling lights and glorious garlands, make your entrances even more enticing with a fun festive touch

Three examples of christmas door decor ideas, green front door with wreath, close up of black door with star lantern, foliage and ribbon, inside door decorated with green and red garland
(Image credit: Annie Sloan | | Sarah Kaye Representation | Paul Raeside)

Our Christmas door decor ideas not only provide beautiful inspiration for your front door, but explore a range of inspiring, festive looks for the entrances in and around your space.

Doors are one of the most practical but often overlooked design features in our homes, and yet, they make the perfect place to make a show-stopping statement with Christmas decorating ideas. Interior designer Monique Tollgard says that a beautifully decorated door at Christmas is also a prelude for the style that lies within;  ‘the entrance is the first encounter for you, your guests and your home this season. The materials and colors we use allow us to introduce the "red thread" or guiding motif of the house immediately.’

Helping to make your home feel fun, inviting and of course, Christmassy, our collection of Christmas door decor ideas explore everything from traditional wreaths to glistening lights and playful props, helping to transform a humble door into an eye-catching, festive feature.

Christmas door decor ideas

First impressions are everything, so make sure your door is a good one – outside and in – with our favorite Christmas door decor ideas.

1. Dress your front door with a traditional wreath

Christmas wreath decor to accompany 'When should I put my Christmas tree up?'

(Image credit: James Balston)

Christmas wreath ideas are one of the most versatile and popular Christmas decorations – for decorating both the inside and the outside of the home, and every year, many of us adorn our doors with a beautiful arrangement of festive foliage.

In this case, where the house is lucky enough to already have a swathe of glorious ivy framing the doorway, the simple addition of a classic wreath, spiked with fragrant dried oranges, red roses and red berries, is all that is required to give the space a fabulously festive feel; a beautiful example of a more simple design for outdoor Christmas decoration ideas.

2. Create a colorful and coordinated look

Green front door with traditional stain-glass and christmas wreath decoration

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

An easy way to create a stylish look for your Christmas door decor ideas is to take the lead from the existing design of your front door.

Whether you're door is crafted from warming timber, sleek glass, or is painted a bright color, using decorations that complement its color and material will only make for a cohesive and well-thought-out feel. 

A lovely example of front door color ideas, this beautiful entrance, featuring exquisite stain-glass and paint in elegant Amsterdam Green by Annie Sloan, has been decorated with a traditional green wreath. 

Enhancing an already festive green entrance with further natural tones and rustic textures, this wreath may be simple, but it still makes an impact, and achieves a colorful and coordinated look.

3. Light the way with lanterns

Glass outbuilding, steps up to entrance deocrated in lanterns and festive decorations

(Image credit: Layered Lounge)

There is something so cozy and inviting about an outdoor lantern. Bringing a more decorative, indoor feel to your outside space, they can add stylish decoration as well as provide practical lighting – what is there not to love?

Here, the Brass Effect Square Lanterns by Layered Lounge beautifully guide the way to festive celebrations taking place inside the magnificent glasshouse. A more subtle Christmas door decor idea,  the different-sized lanterns elegantly frame the door with their staggered placement up the steps – and they don't just have to be used for Christmas. A lantern is a great investment that can be used all year round, becoming an integral part of your outdoor lighting ideas throughout the seasons, from the depths of winter to the sunny heights of summer.

4. Hang a festive garland around a door

Inside view of large white front door with glass panels, decorated with green and red christmas garland, two orange occasional chairs and patterned rug

(Image credit: Sarah Kaye Representation Ltd)

It doesn't get more versatile than Christmas garland ideas! A garland can be placed, pretty much anywhere, and they make for great decorations that can frame doorways both inside and out.

In this modern hallway, the ornate internal doors and windows have been decorated with a garland created from pine cones, red ball ornaments and green foliage, making a festive feature of an already impressive and striking entrance.

5. Make your front door as pretty as a present

Lichen green front door with red braid. Front door dressed as a gift.

(Image credit: Sarah Kaye Representation Ltd)

Ribbon is not just for Christmas gift wrapping ideas and for decorating a Christmas tree with bows, it can be used to 'wrap' your doors and make them as pretty as a present!

We love how these two pieces of red ribbon make such a bold and impactful look on this front door from Christmas door decor ideas. Working with the light green painted front door to create a fun and festive feel, this idea can be used across the doors in your home.

If you choose to create this design indoors, the ribbon also provides the perfect platform to decorate and hang your Christmas cards. You can also shop Christmas card hangers, such as these from Amazon, which can be easily hung on doors and establish a similar look.

6. Keep things simple and sophisticated

Black door decorated with star lantern decoration, foliage and ribbon

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Small yet full of festive charm, this hanging design stands out beautifully against the black door, and contains a mix of some of the most classic Christmas ornaments and decorations. 

Created from a hanging glass star lantern, ribbon and foliage, a design like this can easily be made at home, and makes for a fun crafting activity in the lead up to Christmas. 

We love that each element of this design can also be used independently for Christmas door decor ideas; from a drape of colorful ribbons to a single piece of hanging foliage; the less is more approach can still make for an elegant look.

7. There's no Christmas decor without the iconic poinsettia 

Christmas door decor with wreath and garland around the door frame, antique rug, baskets and a pot full of poinsettia

(Image credit: Nicole Yee Interiors/SEN Creative)

'This design is unique because it focuses on a fully sustainable approach to holiday decor. It incorporates fresh winter greens, red berries and flowers sourced from the local flower mart. 

Beautiful poinsettias line the entry for a very merry welcome, this mindful Christmas design was made with love, to help bring on the cheer! Plastic decorations can be lovely, but a more natural and sustainable approach to Christmas decor by using the best poinsettias will make you feel merrier about the season,' says Nicole Yee, founder of Nicole Yee Interiors.

8. Make a statement with your outdoor lighting

Two deer lights outside snowy house

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

From lights on the Christmas tree, to candles and twinkling fairy lights, for many of us, our homes are transformed each year with an abundance of indoor Christmas lighting ideas, and our doorways provide a great location to get creative with all kinds of lighting.

Whether its a set of string lights positioned around a doorframe indoors, or statement festive decorations placed beside an outside door, such as these Doe & Fawn Reindeer Light Up Outdoor Figures from Lights4Fun, the right lighting can help to create a warming, inviting atmosphere and a show-stopping festive display.

9. Don't forget to decorate your inner porch  

Gabled entrance, front door wreath

(Image credit: Ben Anders)

'With Christmas decorating in full swing, it’s important to think about every aspect in our homes as the more really is the merrier after all,' says Sam Hood, founder of

At this country cottage, the gable porch has been decorated with a beautiful wreath, small Christmas tree and candles, with the decorations working wonderfully with the lanterns and foliage placed outdoors. The collection of decorations establish a picture-perfect Christmas entrance, and make you feel as if you are about to step foot into a magical, festive grotto.

10. Bring the party with a fun balloon arch

White front door decorated with white and silver balloon arch

(Image credit: Ginger Ray)

For a playful and more modern approach to Christmas door decor ideas, why not make a statement with an impressive balloon arch. 

Balloon arches are popular decorations used to make fun displays for celebrations and festivities throughout the year, and this Silver And White Christmas Door Balloon Arch Kit from Ginger Ray will be sure to get the neighbors talking!

A great option for those looking for a more unique decoration that will bring the wow factor, the balloons can make for a spectacular door entrance.

11. Add a garland to your railings or fence

Christmas door decor with wreath and garland wrapped around railings to match, gunmetal gray door with window film number ands tree name

(Image credit: Purlfrost)

'Don't forget you can decorate railings too (or a picket fence) to match your door wreath. If you love to make your own, simply use a garland faux or real and wrap it around the top of the rails and tie with ribbon,' says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens.

12. Use symmetry when doorscaping

Christmas door decor ideas with symmetry

(Image credit: Future)

Symmetry in interior design is a trick used by the experts to create smart-looking rooms – but it can also be used to create enchanting front door ideas for Christmas. 

The best way to use symmetry for your outdoor Christmas decor ideas is by having an architectural feature as a starting or center point, such as a door surround. If you don't have an architectural element, you can use another visual anchor, whether that's a pair of identical planters or twin wreaths hung on a door. 

Get symmetry right and you can create harmony to the front of your home – and make this space look like a picture-perfect scene.

13. Create you own minimalist wreath

Fall wreath hang on the door

(Image credit: Polly Wreford)

A DIY festive wreath can be made with just-picked flowers, but it’s also a great way to use up ones that are on their way out – blooms that are wilting but still have pliable stems can be braided and will dry nicely. 

Wreaths don’t always have to be laden with foliage either. For a delicate take on the tradition, choose a simple brass hoop adorned with a single sprig of fir. You can even throw in a faux candle for added glow.

14. Showcase a wreath on a kitchen cabinet door

Fall wreath hanging on kitchen cabinet door

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

The classic Christmas wreath can often be far too beautiful to be left out in the cold, so if you decide to display one inside always consider how its foliage will work with your interiors. 

Are you a purist at heart? Eucalyptus, ivy, holly and box will bring a sense of tradition to your Christmas door decor ideas. Frankly, you can decorate your wreath with anything from flowers to seed heads, pinecones to cinnamon sticks. 

15. Display an advent calendar on your door

Christmas door decor ideas with advent

(Image credit: Future)

Forgo the tradition of hanging a wreath on your door in favor of an advent calendar. Whether you take a minimalist or maximalist route, when shopping for ready-made advent calendar or making your own – see our guide on how to make a reusable advent calendar for further inspiration – you're sure to find a natural fit for your door.

The first advent calendar supposedly dates back to late 19th Century Germany, when a mother fixed 24 individual sweet treats to a sheet of numbered card so that her son, a boy called Gerhard Lang, would have something special to open every day in the run up to Christmas. These days, more and more are finding creative ways to display their countdown to the big day.

16. Take your wreath indoors 

Christmas door decor ideas with wreath

(Image credit: Mel Yates)

'Why have one when you can have 9? It's easy to 'collect' wreaths over the years especially if you're a fan of faux designs. Display them altogether to create an impactful arrangement inside your home near the door, vary the sizes and styles for added interest,' says Lucy Searle, global editor in chief, Homes & Gardens.

Be sure to incorporate a wealth of Christmas wreath ideas into your holiday decor to spread cheer and welcome guests – hanging one on your exterior door is a tradition that dates back centuries. 

But don’t stop there – do away with tradition by hanging one on an interior door. You'll be able to admire its beauty from the comfort of your sofa. 

‘There are the obvious, traditional spots like the front door or framed in a window,’ says Jen Derry, Balsam Hill Vice President of Product Merchandising. ‘But you can also add color to a bare entryway by hanging a wreath, or ribbons, on an interior door.'

17. Deck out the porch this Christmas

Christmas door decor ideas with bauble wreath and tree

(Image credit: Future)

Decorate a mini tree (real or artificial) with twinkling lights and sturdy baubles, fill vases or urns with festive foliage, and cluster groupings together with lanterns and votive holders – et voila!

Vary the height and size of the objects in the display to create a well-balanced vignette and dress the Christmas front door with two coordinating wreaths for a cohesive and harmonious look.

18. Go all-out with your flora and fauna

Christmas door decor ideas with hanging basket and ribbon

(Image credit: Future)

Christmas wreath ideas are often the most effective way to spruce up your outdoor space – but why should you stop there? 

Treat the front door as an extension of the home, and dress it for the holidays as you would your rooms inside. Here, a hanging basket filled with seasonal flowers and sparkling decorations adds real curb appeal. Plus dazzle guests by tying an oversized ribbon around the door. After all, your home, family and friends are the greatest gifts at Christmas.

19. Use festive props to set the scene

Festive scene outside front door, porch decorated with wrapped presents, brown present sack, lanterns, wreath, festive decorations

(Image credit: Layered Lounge)

A host of Christmas themed props – like ribbon wrapped boxes and a sack of Christmas presents – can raise a joyous look from great to gorgeous. 

Much like a stage set, together these decorations can tell a fun Christmas story, and make the perfect backdrop for your celebrations.

Small tealights in glass holders add a festive twinkle while, garlands made of fresh foliage and a simple wreath complete the look.

20. Decorate around a door with oversized bows


(Image credit: Future/Polly Eltes)

Big bows are huge when it comes Christmas door decor trends. From front doors tied up in a single oversized ribbon to large red bows that pepper an entrance –framing garland, they take the act of decorating a doorway to a literal level. What's more, they serve to enhance the curb appeal, and never fail to raise a smile.

How do I decorate my front door for Christmas?

Looking to nature is the best way to create a truly atmospheric front door for Christmas. Holly, ivy and pinecones are among the more obvious pieces for your Christmas wreath ideas, but there are other beautiful winter florals and foliage out there too. Glaucous eucalyptus is a contemporary option for the minimalist at heart.

Although most festive foliage is off limits for pets or farmyard animals – holly, mistletoe, ivy and yew, for starters. Instead, keep it simple with dried oranges, edible apples or pears. You can also add a festive touch with the red berries of hawthorn and rosehip, which are not toxic to animals, unlike holly or yew berries.

Not just reserved for the front door, you could cover the interior doors in Christmas foliage

What can I put on a door instead of a wreath?

As we have explored in this piece, there is so much fun and creativity to be had with Christmas door decor ideas, with a wreath simply being the more traditional, well-know option.

From other foliage displays, to warming Christmas lights, balloons, festive props and much, much more, if you're wanting to make a break with tradition for your Christmas door decor, there are ideas to suit all tastes and styles.

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