Cool bedroom ideas – 11 schemes that blend style with comfort

Create stylish and unique spaces worthy of a hip hotel with these cool bedroom ideas

Cool bedroom ideas
(Image credit: TR Studios / Becca Lea / Borastapeter)

Cool bedroom ideas are all about balancing comfort with style. While bedrooms need to serve as practical sleep spaces, being private spaces, they also offer an opportunity to really express your personality and get creative when it comes to interior design.

Whether it's adding a statement artwork, playful lighting, integrating smart tech or ingenious storage solutions, there are so many bedroom ideas for creating a hip and stylish space.

To help get you started on your we've rounded up a host of cool bedroom ideas perfect for the design conscious alongside some nifty expert tips.

Pippa Blenkinsop
Pippa Blenkinsop

Having worked as an interiors writer and stylist for over 10 years, Pippa has written countless articles on interior design, many of which focus on bedrooms. Here she shares expert advice on how to create unique and stylish bedroom ideas.

Cool bedroom ideas

In search of cool bedroom ideas? You're in the right place as we've gathered an array of stylish ideas perfect for creating that hip hotel look, from the latest bedroom trends to modern bedroom ideas and timeless relaxing bedroom ideas. 

1. Fit concealed storage

black and white bedroom with built in storage, wall leith, wooden floor, artwork

(Image credit: TR Studios)

Think cool bedroom ideas and often minimalist urban hotel rooms spring to mind. If this is the look you're after, then factoring in plenty of clever bedroom storage ideas is essential, to keep the space clutter-free and minimalist. 

In this space by TR Studios, built-in cupboards have been cleverly concealed behind discreet, handleless doors while the sleek fitted storage below doubles as a bedside table. 

2. Add a bed canopy

bedroom by TR Studios with bed canopy by Riley Brooks

(Image credit: TR Studios)

Bed canopies are all the rage at the moment, not only do they bring luxury and elegance to a bedroom, they create a visual focal point and make the space feel more intimate, too. While canopies may conjure images of historic swags, these bed ideas can be beautifully contemporary, as demonstrated in this space by TR Studios, who worked with Riley Brooks on the bespoke canopy design.

'The canopy was designed as a contemporary take on a more traditional style bed, creating a warm, elegant, inviting space. Fabricated from wrought iron, it is draped in Rose Uniacke linen Plume,' says Liberty Brooks, co-founder, Riley Brooks

'Working with TR Studio, we used a natural palette, layering shades and textures of soft white against the clay walls to create a sophisticated but understated master bedroom.'

3. Opt for a built-in headboard 

Headboard ideas with built-in storage

(Image credit: Future / Chris Tubbs)

If you're looking for nifty storage solutions for a small bedroom, then consider a built-in headboard, suggests Tom Rutt, founder of TR Studio.

'A bespoke headboard with slim built-in bedside table or shelf frees up a lot of space and is ideal for small rooms or making a bedroom look more sophisticated. Often headboards can be quite bulky and bedside tables can add lots of visual clutter, so this idea allows for space saving whilst creating a contemporary look.'

Built-in headboard ideas are also a great way to conceal wiring for bedroom wall lighting and offer a handy shelf for displaying artwork or cherished possessions.

4. Hang a mural

Small bedroom with Horizon wallpaper by Boråstapeter

(Image credit: Boråstapeter)

When it comes to cool bedroom ideas; you don't need a large space to make an impact. 

Hanging a wall mural on a single wall can be a wonderful way to create a focal point in a tiny bedroom, plus, it can will instantly draw your eye, helping distract from the size.

Here, Borastapeter's Horizon mural makes the most of the height while bringing a fitting nautical focal point to this coastal bedroom.

5. Partition off an ensuite with a room divider

small master bedroom wallpaper and an with en suite

(Image credit: Sims Hildtich)

No bedroom idea for couples should be without a luxurious ensuite. In this space by Sims Hilditch the bedroom area and ensuite have been divided by an ingenious transparent room divider, which fills the space with light. To further maximize the feeling of space built-in storage was fitted into the alcoves to give a clean, streamlined look.

'There a plenty of clever design devices to add extra storage to space without the need for extra furniture. One way is to make use of alcoves by building them out with concealed bedroom storage. This not only makes use of an unused space, but it also makes the wall visually appear more expansive,' explains Tom Rutt, founder of TR Studio.

6. Create a fun paint effect

bedroom with grey and maroon walls, peach cushions, stripe headboard, side table, woven discs on wall

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

Creative bedroom paint ideas are a quick and easy way to stamp unique style on a space and make particularly good cool bedroom ideas for teenagers. When it comes to designs the options are endless, from bands of color to geometric designs like this from Kitesgrove.

'There are many ways to get creative with paint, especially in the bedroom. We have found that people are experimenting with abstract paint effects, and unexpected colors. Gone are the days are opting for greys, beiges and creams. Nowadays there are no colors that should be avoided for specific rooms,' suggests Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown.

7. Choose statement lighting

Luxury bedroom with statement lighting

(Image credit: Project by Humbert & Poyet / photograph Francis Amiand)

Bedroom lighting is a key part of any bedroom design – according to experts it's important to layer a mix of task, ambient and accent lighting to cater for all needs and moods. 

While it is foremost functional, lighting can also be a great way to make a design statement in a bedroom. In this project by Humbert Poyet the sculptural wall light from Serge Mouille and chic bedroom ceiling lights from Magic Circus both look as stylish when off as they do switched on.

8. Try a Tromp L'oeil wallpaper

bedroom wall idea with tile wallpaper

(Image credit: Zulufish)

Whether used on all four walls or as a bedroom accent wall idea, wallpapers are fabulous cool bedroom ideas as they bring instant personality. To add a sense of fun why not try a trompe l'oeil design? Here the tile-effect bedroom wallpaper idea not only creates a playful talking point, but helps bring texture to the muted space.

'In this bedroom the palette is kept refined and neutral, but the lack of impact from color is replaced by a clever mix of pattern and materiality,' says Caroline Milns, head of interior Design, Zulufish

'The relief of the pattern acts as a headboard whilst the mix of natural materials, luxurious chunky throw and soft bedlinen delivers a welcoming and tactile finish around the bed.’

9. Take inspiration from a vacation

Bedroom with plaster walls, leather headboard and house plants

(Image credit: Project by Allison Ruda / photograph, Becca Lea)

If you're looking for a cool, zen bedroom where you can truly switch off from the stresses of the day, where better to seek inspiration than an exotic holiday? For this scheme interior designer Allison Ruda looked to Mexico for inspiration. 

'My clients for this project had their honeymoon in Tulum, so making their room feel like a luxurious Tulum resort made it all the more unique and romantic for them,' says Allison Ruda

'We used a plaster paint treatment on the walls that gave it a dreamy texture and high-end Tulum hotel feel. The room is intentionally simple, luxurious and no fuss. The use of real plants throughout the space also adds to the Tulum vibe.' 

10. Make the most of awkward spaces

Vanrenen GW Designs attic bedroom with beams and hidden bathroom

(Image credit: Vanrenen GW Designs)

Attic bedrooms with awkward angles can be pose all sorts of design challenges, but with some clever thinking there are plenty of ways to make the most of them. 

Here interior designer Sarah Vanrenen has created a cool bedroom idea for couples by fitting a roll top bath under the eaves as well as built-in storage.

11. Choose bunkbeds for kids' bedrooms

Baby blue wooden bunk beds with staircase, pull out draws under bottom bunk

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

When it comes to cool bedroom ideas for kids nothing beats loft bed ideas. Perfect for siblings or sleepovers, cabin-style bunks bring a sense of fun to kids' rooms and are the perfect little nook to settle down and read. To make the most of the space consider a bespoke design which can also have storage built-in as demonstrated in this scheme by Sims Hildtich. 

How can I make my bedroom unique?

There are many ways to make a bedroom look unique, from fun paint effects to statement wallpapers. Painting the walls is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add personality. 

‘As truly personal spaces, bedrooms are fantastic places in which to embrace colours you love and develop an intimate scheme that reflects your personal taste,' says Andy Greenall, creative director Paint & Paper Library.  

'Another way instantly transform your walls is with original bedroom art,' says Helen Armon-Jones, founder of The Art Buyer

'Bringing character, charm and personality to a home, art allows you to make any living space your own and in a fun, easy and affordable way.' 

'Just like colors, furniture and accessories, different art pieces can do different things. A large landscape painting can create the illusion of space and light whilst a bright, zesty and bold colored artwork can bring in warmth and the feeling of eternal summer,' adds Helen Armon-Jones.

Pippa Blenkinsop

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