The dark side of the bloom: Meet the new Woodchip & Magnolia Moody Blooms collection

Embrace sumptuous, soulful dark florals for a rich and relaxing space...

With spring 2020 just around the corner (yes, really), your attention might be turning to all things 'new year, new makeover'... why not go in a more brooding direction like the dark florals in the new Woodchip & Magnolia Moody Blooms collection?

Dubbed 'the dark side of the bloom' the sumptuous dark florals trend is set to be big for next year.

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Described as 'dark, brooding and dramatic', the three words aren't usually associated with florals. But, then again, we’re not talking about your typical florals here.

Curated by designer Nina Marika Tarnowski, the Woodchip & Magnolia Moody Blooms collection brings together vibrant florals and striking colours.

From wisteria to rhododendrons, traditional to bohemian, the collection spans wallpaper, velvets and furniture.

Nina said: 'Flowers are a creative force. They are expressive and inspiring and have more to offer than simply being ‘pretty’.

'I curated this collection in the same way I would create a floral bouquet; hand-picking beautiful blooms bursting with colour that not only look great but make you feel amazing too.'

Discover some of the highlights from the Woodchip & Magnolia Moody Blooms collection


Woodchip & Magnolia Moody Blooms

(Image credit: Woodchip & Magnolia)

Forget delicate, this brooding beauty screams flower power. Chrysanthemums – late-blooming from the brand's garden usher in autumn, Nina’s favourite season. Hand painted in shades of white, pink and sage against a deep moody background for a floral that packs a real punch.£85 per roll; Woodchip & Magnolia


Woodchip & Magnolia Moody Blooms

Decadent and romantic with more than a hint of rock n roll, this is Pearl Lowe in a print! Lush botanicals in rich reds, inky blues and the palest of prints clash against a brooding black backdrop for a dramatic, opulent finish.£120 per roll; Woodchip & Magnolia


Woodchip & Magnolia Moody Blooms

(Image credit: ykvision - stock.adobe.com/Woodchip & Magnolia)

A favourite childhood destination of Woodchip & Magnolia’s founder, Nina, Rivington, Oriental Gardens was originally landscaped by Lord Lever in the Victorian era. Captured here is the memory of it for Nina as a girl, a whimsical, oriental inspired garden of dreams.£85 per roll; Woodchip & Magnolia


Woodchip & Magnolia Moody Blooms

(Image credit: Woodchip & Magnolia)

The brand's take on the 'Dutch Masters' moody floral look. Ava Marika is a dark, expressive floral with touches of blackcurrant, amber, cerulean and navy is seen here in a made-to-measure digital print. Ava is also available as a wallpaper and velvet. £295; Woodchip & Magnolia.


Woodchip & Magnolia Moody Blooms

(Image credit: Woodchip & Magnolia)

Striking and immaculately turned-out, The Gladys is a statement chair inspired by the fireside seat - and characteristics - of her namesake: Nina's gran.£2,499; Woodchip & Magnolia.

Visit www.woodchipandmagnolia.co.uk for more information and to shop the Woodchip & Magnolia Moody Blooms collection.

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