Garden benches – the top weather-ready seats for your deck or patio

What better way to enjoy your outside space than from the comfort of your garden bench?

Whether you’re on the hunt for a classic design for your country retreat or a contemporary style to liven up your city balcony, we’ve found the best garden benches to suit your needs whatever the weather.

Clever outdoor seating can help to maximise your gardens potential without taking up too much space, and the humble bench is a great place to start.


There are lots of things to consider when picking out a bench, starting with what its made from. Wood is the obvious classic or rustic go-to, but will need annual upkeep.

It tends to be more comfortable than metal, but seat pads are advised if you're planning to lounge on your bench for longer than a quick tea break. It’s best to check the level of UV protection and shower proofing on fabrics, as we all know how unpredictable summer weather can be.

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Similarly, metal will also need extra protection from the elements following a few seasons outdoors. It's worth checking whether your bench has an anti-rust coating before you buy.

Metal is sometimes seen as a choice that values style over comfort – you therefore might prefer a metal-and-rope combo if comfort is all important. However, it's modern, hardwearing material – and increasing available in stunning and striking colours.


Next, think about where you want your bench to go. Is it a resting spot along a long garden path? Will you be grouping a few together at the top of the garden so you can socialise and enjoy the view? Or are you planning to place one around an outdoor dining table, along with a few chairs?

Position is a key consideration, since it determines what features your bench will need, and which you can do without. If you are considering a dining bench, for example, look for a design with low or no arms, so it's easy to get in or out of. A slanted back will make for more relaxed posture, and a flat and solid arm rest makes a handy place to rest a mug of tea.

Our carefully curated designs should tick any potential bench boxes.