Kids’ bathroom ideas – 10 fun kids' bathroom decor tips

Enjoy characterful and creative kids' bathroom decor designs – for children of all ages

Blue kids' bathroom with open shower, with hints of yellow including yellow rocking chair
(Image credit: Hansgrohe)

Whether you’re getting ready to welcome a new arrival or renovating the bathroom your kids currently use, we’ve got plenty of advice and kids' bathroom ideas to keep them happy from cradle to college. From sophisticated, timeless style to bright and playful, you’ll find ideas to suit children growing up in all styles of home. 

There are so many creative bathroom ideas for making bath time fun, but also super-efficient when it comes to that busy morning school-run. A truly child-friendly bathing space should be cute but practical, and the best layouts allow plenty of room for more than one tot or teen to manoeuver. 

Kids' bathroom ideas

‘Designing a children’s bathroom is a lesson in balancing fun and functionality,’ enthuses Zoe Jones, stylist and visual content manager, Roper Rhodes. ‘Naturally we should prioritize safety and storage when considering age-appropriate design, but it’s also important not to forget novelty, color and creativity, even in the bathroom.’ 

Using bathroom pictures to collate a look will help you nail your kids bathroom ideas. 

1. Choose low-stress paint 

Kids' bathroom with bright pink walls and green tiles

(Image credit: Ana Engelhorn/Francesca's Paints)

Any paint used on bathroom walls should ideally be moisture resistant but in a bathroom primarily used by little people, the walls may also be subjected to significant splashes, errant toothpaste and grubby fingerprints. 

While you don’t have to stick to specialist bathroom paints in kids' bathrooms, which can be a little restrictive color-wise, do look for washable paints that can be easily cleaned without ruining the finish. 

‘Soft sheen paints with an acrylic base are the best choice for a child’s bathroom as they are wipeable and scrubbable but also incredibly low in VOCs so a safe choice health-wise,’ explains Francesca Wezel, founder and director of Francesca’s Paints

Ensuite ideas aren't just for adults – in this child’s ensuite bathroom, designed by Ana Engelhorn and featuring fittings by Drummonds, the glorious pink is a custom shade by Francesca’s Paints. 

2. Make an impact 

Geometric, tiled floor with hints of green and pink and pink blind

(Image credit: Caz Myers/Nick Smith)

Fun bathroom decor can be expressed through hard surfaces, such as bathroom tile ideas. Interior designer Caz Myers let a strong geometric floor tile steal the show in this luxurious kids’ bathroom. 

‘We were looking for something striking and different and Barber & Osgerby’s Puzzle range for Mutina scores on both,’ says Myers. 

Including plenty of plain tiles in the mix prevents the pattern from overpowering and means the lucky young owner is unlikely to outgrow the design any time soon.

3. Boost a small space 

Colorful tiles, green sink base, white ball lights

(Image credit: Cave Interiors/Helen Cathcart)

Kids' bathroom ideas often have to include multi-tasking. Toddlers are easier to scrub down in a bath, but teens are almost impossible to get out of the shower. 

In this compact bathroom requiring future-proof facilities for a fast-growing family, interior designer Georgina Cave of Cave Interiors has achieved the best of both worlds with an over-bath shower. The glass screen folds out to contain the splashiest of limbs, while installing a showerhead on an adjustable riser means it can accommodate various head heights. 

‘Taking inspiration from London’s tube map, we incorporated a geometric grid of colours on an otherwise white back drop of tiles to create a sense of fun, whilst keeping the space light, bright and bang on brief,’ explains Cave. 

4. Get cozy with color 

Red ceiling, black tiles, black white and grey stripy rug

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Bathroom color ideas are welcoming in kids' bathrooms. Indeed, warm hues can go a long way to softening the cold, sterile surfaces in a bathroom. 

In this kids’ bathroom, a punch of Benjamin Moore’s Tomato Tango (in its specialist Aura Bath & Spa paint) on the ceiling makes the space feel cozier and more intimate. The walls are in Stoneware, a clean white with warm undertones.

5. Work the windows 

Red shutters, twin sinks

(Image credit: Shutterly Fabulous)

Plantation-style shutters are a savvy choice for kids’ bathroom ideas and provide ventilation and light while maintaining privacy. 

‘Shutters are also super hygienic – a big plus for lots of parents. Vinyl shutters work especially well in bathrooms as they are moisture-resistant and easy to clean. Plus, shutters don’t have the same hazards associated with corded blinds,’ adds Chrissie Harper, Customer Experience, California Shutters

‘Add a pop of color into the mix to brighten the space. A bright green or red will soon distract from the chaos of bath toys and towels!’ 

6. Allow kids' bathroom decor room to grow 

Kids' bathroom

(Image credit: Jeffreys Interiors/Zac & Zac)

When looking for kids' bathroom ideas, choose timeless fittings, built to last, for a space that can be easily adapted as your children grow. 

‘This Jack and Jill bathroom was designed for two young sisters and the aesthetic considers their current loves – unicorns and sparkles. They adore the princess feel of the sumptuous curtains and sparkly pole,’ says Jo Aynsley, design director, Jeffreys Interiors

‘As their tastes change, the curtains can be changed or repurposed into Roman blinds and the addition of candles or plants will make the space feel fresher and more mature. Behind the vanity there is a recessed wet room housing a bath and separate shower. For now, this allows for fun, splashy bath times with minimal mopping up, but as they grow will become a more private space for bathing while the vanity remains available for use.’

7. Select seamless surfaces 

Pink tiled splash board behind sink with pink and white geometric floor

(Image credit: shnordic/Pete Helme Photography)

When considering kids' bathroom decor, leave nowhere for bacteria to linger by choosing modern, streamlined sanitaryware in crisp white. 

This pretty, yet practical kid’s ensuite shower room features a simple wall-hung WC and wall-hung basin vanity in light grey.

 ‘A wall-hung vanity with a modern, seamless finish and sweeping basin makes it so easy to clean–both the unit and the floor beneath. A logical choice when spillages and mucky fingerprints are almost certainly on the cards,’ adds Zoe Jones, stylist and visual content manager, Roper Rhodes.

8. Restore order

Yellow flooring and wallpeper in duck foot design with contrasting black cabinets and black mirror frame

(Image credit: West One Bathrooms)

Bathroom storage ideas are hugely important in any kids’ bathroom, and not just to ensure it doesn’t resemble a toy shop,’ says Kirsten Wain, designer, West One Bathrooms

‘The space below a basin is otherwise wasted so adding a useful drawer or two to hide away toiletries and towels is a given. If wall-mounted, you may find there is enough space underneath to pop a handy step for reaching the basin. If space permits, a tall but narrow unit can provide Tardis-like storage for a multitude of bath toys. Parents needn’t worry about children swinging from wall mounted fixtures–with the right wall fixings, a wall-hung basin or even the toilet can easily handle the weight of multiple kids!’

9. Avoid the emergency room

Blue tiled statement wall with minimalist, sleek bathtub and single hanging bulb

(Image credit: The Stone & Ceramic Warehouse)

Low maintenance tiles are always a winner in kids’ bathrooms. Make life easy for yourself by steering clear of any tiles that need sealing before and/or after installation. Natural stones and encaustic tiles for example are porous and will have the potential to stain if not regularly resealed. Instead go for virtually bullet-proof porcelain or ceramic tiles, in bright and breezy colors of course! 

‘On floors we would recommend choosing tiles with a slightly textured surface, and if it is a wet room even more texture again. This will ensure they are anti-slip and safer for children, and adults, too,’ adds Jo Oliver, director, The Stone & Ceramic Warehouse

10. Speed up bedtime 

Grey tiled bathroom

(Image credit: 23+GS/318 Studio/Matt Clayton)

Take the pressure off at bedtime by doubling up on basins. Do make sure there’s enough space around the basins for two or more to gather, without elbow-jousting, not forgetting that you may need to be in there monitoring their brushwork, too. Choose basins with deep bowls to help contain splashes and spills. 

How do I make my kids' bathroom fun?

To make your kids’ bathroom fun without committing to expensive fixtures that they may quickly out-grow, seek out colorful accessories and textiles in playful patterns. Shower curtains, wall art, bath mats, towels and toy storage in zesty shades can all be used to pep up a plain bathroom suite. 

Styling up a bathroom for kids could also be led by their current obsession–be it ponies, outer space or pirates. There’s no need to go overboard; instead think removeable wall decals, towels or a cute roller blind adorned with motifs of their fave theme. 

Earn extra brownie points by incorporating some fun tech. Color-changing lights and waterproof Bluetooth speakers will soon get little ones bopping away in the bath or singing in the shower. 

What do I put in a kids' bathroom?

Safety should be forefront when deciding what to put in a kids’ bathroom. Choose bath taps and showers with thermostatic controls that will protect them from scalding and sudden temperature fluctuations. Toilet seats on soft-close hinges will help prevent squashed fingers and save your eardrums! 

Non-slip flooring is vital and do make sure there are plenty of bath mats to soak up spills. If you’re installing a heated towel rail, do make sure it has a programmable thermostat and set it to a heat that will warm towels without burning delicate skin.

Other useful items to put in a kids’ bathroom include a laundry hamper, drainable baskets and nets for bath toys, a changing station for babies and, for teens, a very loud shower timer!

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