Black Friday just came early – Amazon announce Prime Big Deal Days

Amazon just announced another Prime Day. Here's everything we know so far, and the best early deals

One of the Prime Big Deal Days discounts, a Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ on a carpet, being pushed by a woman
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Amazon has just announced another big sales event. On October 10th-11th, Prime Big Deal Days will see enormous discounts for Prime Members. 

Amazon's last Prime event, Amazon Prime Day, brought huge discounts on a wide range of different home goods. As a product tester and shopping editor, I was amazed to see some of the biggest discounts I'd we'd ever seen, with some even better deals that those in big sales events like Black Friday.

Speaking of which, Prime Big Deal Days is probably your last chance to get big discounts before the Black Friday rush, unless another retailer drops a flash sale. The only catch is that you need to be a Prime member. Here's everything I know so far, and the best of the early deals. 

What's the sale?

Instant Vortex VersaZone

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Just as the last Amazon Prime Day in July, Prime Big Deal Days is a 48-hour sale event with big discounts on a range of home and tech goods. The discounts during Amazon's Prime events can be huge. When we covered Prime Day this year the biggest discount was a massive 78% discount, making for $1000 off a rug from Martha Stewart's homewares collection. There was half off a big range of home appliances, so you could save hundreds off vacuums. My personal favorite deal was more than half off the Hoover ONEPWR Pet MAX vacuum. It's not the greatest vacuum in the world, but if you're not particularly bothered about buying the best of the best, it was a great way to save nearly $200. 

The catch is that you need to have an Amazon Prime membership, which costs $14.99 a month or $149 annually. However, on Prime Big Deal Days, there'll be other benefits, too. Amazon are offering invite-only deals on products they think will sell-out. For example, these invite-only deals mean you can get ahead of the crowd to grab 46% off Philips 3000 Series Air Fryer. There's also personalised deals alerts, so if you know you want to save on a Dyson, for example, you'll be alerted once the deal is live. 

What's on sale?

Pretty much everything. There'll be discounts on a wide range of tech and home goods, and I'm already seeing some savings on some of our favorite tested products. 

Hoover ONEPWR Pet Max | was $309.99, now $183.99 at Amazon

Hoover ONEPWR Pet Max | was $309.99, now $183.99 at Amazon
In July I thought this was best Prime Day deal for home products, as it was more half off a great vacuum, one of the best vacuums for pet hair you can buy. It was cheaper then, but it's still a good deal. It's actually the vacuum I use in my place. It's nowhere near as good as a Dyson, but it does the job for hundreds of dollars less. 

Instant Vortex Plus 6-Quart Air Fryer Oven| was $169.99, now $119.95 at Amazon

Instant Vortex Plus 6-Quart Air Fryer Oven| was $169.99, now $119.95 at Amazon
The Instant Vortex is the best air fryer we've ever tested, and in the Prime event in July it hit the lowest price we've ever seen. It's not as cheap at the moment, but 25% off is still worth having on an air fryer that cooks fast, fried, and best of all, odor-free food. 

Philips 3200 Series | was $999.99, now $701.50 at Amazon

Philips 3200 Series | was $999.99, now $701.50 at Amazon
Last Prime Day saw an absurd discount on this coffee maker, a $600 saving on one of our favorite bean-to-cup coffee machines. It's yet to go so low, but the near $300 saving on offer right now is still worth considering. 

Should I wait until Black Friday?

KitchenAid 5.6L Bowl Lift Stand Mixer

(Image credit: KitchenAid)

The short answer is yes, but the longer answer is that it depends. I'd buy the essentials in the Prime Big Deal Days but hold out for nice-to-haves. 

That's because Black Friday tends to see the lowest prices, discounts on a wider range of goods, and most importantly, discounts at other retailers. If you don't want a Prime subscription, I'd wait until Black Friday, as you'll be able to shop around and compare the prices on Amazon with the prices on other big retailers like Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Home Depot. Black Friday saw the biggest discounts on great kitchen appliances like KitchenAid stand mixers and Nutribullet blenders. Black Friday is also a lot better for mattresses, because while you can find some mattress deals on Amazon, these beds tend to be cheap and low-quality. 

However, if you need something ASAP, I think it's smart to shop Prime Big Deals Day. For example, I'd grab a vacuum if I needed one because the discounts won't be that much better on Black Friday than in the next Amazon sale, and it's not worth having a dirty floor for a month to save $50. Likewise I'd do the same for bedding, because it's not worth putting up with scratchy or sweaty sheets for the sake of saving a little money. 


Do other retailers do a version of Prime Day?

Yes, but they rarely have the fanfare of Amazon Prime events nor the same discounts. Wayfair did their own version earlier this year, Way Day, which saw some big discounts on furniture and appliances. Walmart ran Walmart Plus Week at the same time as Amazon's last Prime Event, and Home Depot ran a 'Spring Black Friday' last April. 

When is Black Friday?

The Black Friday deals start from the beginning of November, but this year the day itself falls on Friday 24 November, followed by Cyber Monday on the 27th. After that, your next opportunity to grab a discount are the after-Christmas sales. 

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