I'm a shopping expert – is this Prime Day as good as the last one?

Amazon Prime's Big Deal Days have seen some brilliant discounts, but is this Prime day as good as the last? I'm a shopping expert and I think so

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Are Amazon Prime's Big Deal Days as good as the last Prime Day back in July? My gut said no, but the numbers say differently.

Amazon Prime's Big Deal Days officially span October 10th and 11th and I've been covering it the whole time. Our team started seeing excellent discounts as early as October 5th and there are unmissable deals dropping every second.

When I asked myself whether this was better than July's Prime Day, my instinct was no. I've scrolled through lots of insignificant discounts, including one that only offered a single dollar off. However, when I looked at the numbers, the discounts we've seen on our favorite home essentials and small appliances are often better than last Prime Day's.

Thankfully, they're all still live, so as long as you're signed up for Amazon Prime you haven't missed them. We've looked at all the micro deals and picked out the macro, unmissable places where you can save bug bucks. If we think you should wait for Black Friday, we will let you know.

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Prime Big Deals Days have landed, bringing big discounts on a wide range of products. Our product testers have found some Amazon Prime Day deals that can save you hundreds of dollars. However, these offers are only for Amazon Prime members, and we've also seen some counter-sales from other big retailers. If you want to head straight to the deals, here's what's on offer:

Prime Day vs Big Deal Days

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Amazon have had two big sales periods this year. In July their Prime Day spanned July 11th and 12th. Now, their Fall Prime Day sale, officially called Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, is on October 10th and 11th. Both follow the same format, with some early reductions, some lightning discounts for a single hour, and some deals which will extend past 11th. The biggest difference is what's on sale. 

Many of our favorite, tried-and-tested home appliances have had their prices slashed for both sales. I have to admit, I thought Amazon would be cautious because their discounts are coming close to Black Friday discounts, but they have offered some surprising savings. I've looked at the numbers and these are some of the best deals we've seen all year. However, I was disappointed in some places. 

Even though there were plenty of good discounts, some of my favorite brands were hardly touched by the deals. No Smeg appliances were on sale, neither were any of Moccamaster's iconic designs. These were both big features in the sale last time, so I was surprised not to see any of them.

The deals

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With the deals still in full strength, there's no time to lose. Our team of shopping experts have been on Amazon all month ensuring that we monitor and find the best discounts on the market. Here are the best deals available, all of which are either the same as, or better than last Prime Day's.

Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with LatteGo | Was $999.99, now $599.99 at Amazon

Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with LatteGo | Was $999.99, now $599.99 at Amazon
This is our favorite automatic coffee maker. It's currently the cheapest that we've ever seen it, so don't let this deal pass you by. With a range of five different coffees available and an incredible LatteCrema system, this cis like having a live-in barista.

You can read more in our full Philips 3200 Series review.

Phillips Essentials XL| Was $199.95, now $94.96 with Amazon Prime

Phillips Essentials XL| Was $199.95, now $94.96 with Amazon Prime
This is even cheaper than it was last Prime Day, so it's a second-chance for all those who missed out. It's easy to use has a range of simple cooking modes too.

Our Philips Essential Air Fryer XL review has more information.

Vitamix Explorian E310 | Was $369, now $189.95 at Amazon

Vitamix Explorian E310 | Was $369, now $189.95 at Amazon
Vitamix makes some of the best (and most expensive) blenders on the market, so this is an excellent buy. This is the cheapest it's been since 2019, so don't miss this deal.

There's more information in our full Vitamix E310 Explorian blender review

Dyson Outsize + |Was $949.99, now $606.88 at Amazon

Dyson Outsize + |Was $949.99, now $606.88 at Amazon
Whilst this is only $4 cheaper than last Prime Day, a saving is a saving. Dyson vacuums aren't often reduced and this is one of the best vacuums on the market. It's particularly good if you have pets.

Nutribullet Pro+| Was $119.99, now $89.99 at Amazon

Nutribullet Pro+| Was $119.99, now $89.99 at Amazon
Whilst we haven't yet tested this version of Nutribullet's pro blenders, we've been assured it's one of the best. Extremely capable and easy to use, it's an excellent investment. This is a similar price to last Prime Day, so it's not one to miss.


Are Amazon Big Deal Days better than Prime Day?

Financially, yes. I've seen some huge discounts on brilliant appliances. However, there are also lots of smaller discounts which aren't worth chasing. Some of my favorite brands, such as Smeg, haven't been reduced yet.

When are the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days?

Amazon's Big Deal Days are on October 10th-11th. Discounts started last week, but the biggest and best savings will drop across these two days. The deals won't last forever, so don't hang around.

Do you need to be a Prime member for the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days?

You do need to have a Prime membership for access to the sale. It's worth it though; an Amazon Prime membership costs $14.99 a month plus tax. 

Final thoughts

It might sound non-committal, but Amazon Prime's Big Deal Days aren't necessarily better than Prime Day, they're just different. I've seen lots of big discounts on good products, but there are also lots of micro deals which could easily catch you out. We've covered the best discounts available and also told you when we think it's better to wait for Black Friday, so that you can make the most of this sale without feeling like you spent unnecessary money.

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