Celebrate 150 years of Matisse with this graphic wallpaper collection

150 years of Matisse is celebrated with a new wallpaper collection.

The Naive Shapes wallpaper collection from MuralsWallpaper celebrates 150 years since the birth of Henri Matisse.

The collection takes inspiration from the artists papiers découpés (paper cutouts) and reflects the simplicity and joy in Matisse’s own work, while the colour palette taps into current colour and design trends, with earthy tones and pops of cobalt blue.

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Matisse graphic wallpaper

Cutout, MuralsWallpaper.

Henri Matisse (who was born 31st December, 1869) invented a new medium with his cut out style, and using it, produced some of his most popular works.

Matisse believed that everyone retains a childlike sense of naiveté, no matter how much they study and learn. In the last years of his life, the artist found freedom in creating cut out art, which brought feelings of balance, simplicity and serenity.

MuralsWallpaper’s Matisse-inspired collection aims to echo this naive part of the mind that Matisse speaks of, which is why the designs are hand-made with spontaneous shapes and charming, honest imperfections.

matisse graphic wallpaper

Forme Orange, MuralsWallpaper.

These graphic wallpaper creations mirror the playfulness of a method that Matisse described as ‘drawing with scissors’ and ‘cutting directly into colour’. The crafty cut outs have a nostalgic quality, conjuring up memories of creating paper collages as a child.

They embody the fun and focus of spending hours cutting out paper shapes and arranging them in just the right places.

Matisse graphic wallpaper

Jagged Blue, MuralsWallpaper.

This is the first of two two modern mural collections from MuralsWallpaper celebrating Matisse’s 150th birthday this year, with designs that are evocative of his cut-out art.

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In this first collection, there are eight different designs that vary in colour and scale.

Matisse graphic wallpaper

The second set of designs is set to launch in September and continue the celebration of Matisse’s life and most influential work.

MuralsWallpaper, muralswallpaper.co.uk