Patio furniture ideas – pretty ways to furnish your patio

Be inspired by our favorite patio furniture ideas and make yours a stylish place to lounge, dine and entertain

patio furniture ideas
(Image credit: Oka)

Great patio furniture ideas will make yours a space that’s chic, comfortable and functional however it needs to be used. 

For as many months of the year as the weather allows in your region, the patio can be an outdoor living room, dining space, kitchen or bar – or a combination of all of them – with furniture choices to accommodate family and friends. It might also need to include generous storage that doesn’t detract from its lines. 

Of course the best patio furniture will provide equal comfort and style to that you’d pick for interiors – plus be weatherproof in the local conditions.  

Whether your backyard has a contemporary, classic or country look, read on to discover a whole host of brilliant patio furniture ideas.

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1. Give patio furniture a bold backdrop

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Little Greene)

When a patio’s located by a wall or fence, using a deep or rich shade on this background will allow lighter colored furniture to stand out. This technique lets the eye appreciate the design details of chairs and tables in paler shades whether they feature elegant curves or angular lines.

If your patio is right outside an interior dining space, you might want to take the option of using indoor dining furniture out there, especially if yours are iconic designs like these chairs. With easy access to the outside through sliding doors moving furniture to the patio is easy.

2. Choose sophisticated bar stools

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Add bar stools to your selection of outdoor seating for a relaxed and sociable ambience. Stools with back support provide maximum comfort, but opt for woven designs rather than solid materials to stay cool when temperatures rise. 

Your preference might be to pick bar stools made from natural materials in order to harmonize furniture with planting whether your backyard is contemporary or more classic in style. 

3. Complement patio paving

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Katharine Pooley)

Selecting patio furniture that complements the shade of natural stone or pavers creates a harmonious effect.

‘For this Notting Hill, London, garden I chose furniture from McKinnon and Harris for the spa, pool area, terrace and balconies,’ says interior designer Katharine Pooley. ‘Here you can see chairs from their Duval range; I particularly like the tapered legs and trellis back and the light grey finish works well with the soft grey limestone paving. I added a darker contrast pipe to the cushions to draw the eye and for a fun extra detail.’

4. Opt for natural stone

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Future / Simon Scarboro)

Stone dining furniture is an elegant complement to traditional backyard designs. Both the table and seats can add decorative interest to the space with ornate carved ends. Benches have the ideal proportions for narrower patios like this one, but layer up cushions to boost comfort for sitters.

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5. Make space for relaxation

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Belgard)

Loungers are a desirable choice for poolside patios but any backyard will benefit from furniture on which you can recline in maximum comfort and style. Upholstered in green these sun loungers tone with both the surrounding planting and the lawn. The color also makes this chill-out zone distinct from the relaxation area near the house where the armchairs are upholstered in a sky blue tone.

6. Keep the look sleek

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Kathryn MacDonald)

If yours is a patio area that’s surrounded by buildings or it’s small, opting for seating with slim metal frames and open weaves is a great strategy. It’ll keep the view through the patio open for the appearance of extra spaciousness. Metal is also the perfect complement to contemporary yard designs. 

This patio has subtle contemporary style with the color of the furniture toning with the pavers.

7. Go for a daybed

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Keep cool when the mercury rises by positioning a daybed on a shady patio. Light colored upholstery will ensure the temperature of the lounge seating itself stays down, too. Surround the relaxation spot with leafy foliage plants and paint surrounding walls in green for the atmosphere of a shadowed spot under the forest canopy.

8. Add decorative detail

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball )

If a patio dining furniture set is looking dated, smarten it up – and give it individual style – by painting it. This version has been given a striped finish in shades that tone with the home’s window frames. 

Use paint made for exterior wood for a hard-wearing finish. To paint stripes accurately, measure and mark their position in pencil, then use painter’s tape along the pencil lines. Press the tape down firmly to avoid paint seeping underneath. Don’t let the paint dry fully before removing the tape, and pull it off carefully.

9. Factor in seating with an outdoor kitchen

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Danetti)

If your patio is the location of an outdoor kitchen, think furniture as well as the individual elements that make up the desired exterior preparation and cooking space. Opting for bar seating is a winning tactic. It will put family and friends at a comfortable height for conversation while the chef’s at work and allow them to sit conveniently near the cooking area while still being safely separate from the work zone.

10. Create an interior-style set up

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Heal’s)

Follow the example of professional interior designers and team a dining furniture set with an area rug to make it more of a focal point on the patio. The result will be to make the patio feel as welcoming as a room inside your home, plus the rug will add color and texture to contrast with both the pavers and the furniture.

Although you could take an interior rug outside, it’s preferable to invest in a version that’s made for the outdoors as it will be hard wearing, cope with the weather, and is easy to keep clean. 

11. Play with a natural palette

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Future)

Wood patio furniture is a great partner to a country-style gravel patio. While the wood does need protection from the elements, keeping the finish natural will complement the soft shades of the patio’s surface. 

‘Consider going for seating featuring curves like this bench to echo the soft, organic lines of a rustic backyard,’ says Homes & Gardens Editor in Chief Lucy Searle.

12. Bring zing to seating

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Choosing bold color isn’t the only option to make patio furniture attention grabbing. Opt for a graphic pattern like the one on these woven chairs for a striking look and a contemporary aesthetic. Black and white will work set alongside hues from surrounding features like these plantation shutters, as well as nearby planting, however colorful.

13. Incorporate stash space

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Consider patio furniture that has room inside for storage when you’re selecting. In a small backyard, space to tidy away garden accessories such as cushions and rugs can be limited. But even a large yard might benefit from more – and in a convenient location.

Benches with lift-up seats are super handy, as are side and coffee tables with room inside. Because they’re doing double duty the patio won’t end up filled with extra pieces, but tidying away is easy when you’re done spending time outside.

14. Cater for cocktails

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Bridgman)

A sectional is a sophisticated and sociable seating choice for a patio. Think about combining it with a low dining table that means you can go from simply relaxing to informal meals without having to move a group to a more formal dining set.

It’s a combination that’s ideal for serving cocktails, too, since drinks can be set down conveniently by all sitters, along with appetizers.

15. Share in style

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Maestri Studio)

An outdoor chaise longue made for two can make a statement on a patio by the pool or elsewhere in the yard. A design like this has the symmetry that makes it a fabulous complement to a contemporary yard, but also classic formal layouts. 

A wood frame has natural beauty and enduring style, but it also has the advantage of staying cool even when temperatures hit their peaks.

16. Fall for hot color

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Patio furniture choices like armchairs, benches and tables in shades that pop work beautifully in bright sunlight. Think sunny yellows, azure blues, rich oranges and so on. Continue the look with matching planters or pillows for hard furniture.

Vivid hues can also be a way to introduce more color to yards where there isn’t much growing space for flowers in hot shades. For maximum punch and a modern effect, set bold accents off against a dark backdrop. 

17. Pick modern metal

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Future)

Patio furniture made from metal can be a contemporary choice. Metallic frames are less bulky than those made from other materials because of metal’s inherent strength resulting in a lighter look than that created by other options. 

Metal can also be shaped to create attractive lines for furniture like these super sleek chairs that will seat a big group around the table on the semi-shaded patio.

18. Relax with boho chic

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Zinc Textiles)

To create a cozy and laid-back ambience, go for boho-style patio furniture. A mix of patterns in bold hues are a must and while this isn’t a look that’s about co-ordination, they can pick up the shades of a yard’s most brilliant blooms to stunning effect.

Choose wood furniture with as natural a finish as possible. It will still need maintenance but opt for varnish that lets its color and grain show through. A brick patio is a worthy backdrop as is a vine-draped pergola above.

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19. Mix don’t match

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Oka)

While patio conversation sets are often the right choice, don’t count out the option to mix different pieces to create a more casual look. Elements in common between armchairs, sofas and coffee tables such as a material, color or weave will make them work as a whole. Think shape, too, to pull the look together, repeating curvaceous lines – as here – or more angular shapes.

20. Use industrial materials

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Little Greene)

On a patio that accommodates an outdoor kitchen with a brick pizza oven, a dining set with raw rather than polished credentials is a sympathetic choice. This design mixes wood and metal with the oven’s brick in an industrially inspired combination.

More refined notes can be part of the picture. Here the table legs have been given a makeover with a grey paint color that repeats a shade from the outdoor kitchen’s countertop, while the wall is finished in a warm shade that harmonizes with the brick of the oven.

21. Embrace minimalism

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Luciano Giubbilei)

Patio furniture that’s part of a minimalist backyard scheme with clean lines and a restrained color palette should hit the same notes. Pick seating made from materials and upholstered in shades that match the tone of hard landscaping including pavers, paths, fences and walls.

Repeat the crisp lines created by patio meeting lawn and structural planting in lounge seating, too, and arrange chairs symmetrically rather than in more casual groupings.

22. Bring in wicker

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Little Greene)

The latest wicker patio furniture is generally made from synthetic materials rather than organic ones like rattan and bamboo. The advantage of the all-weather variety is that it isn’t liable to damage caused by moisture.

Choose it for the appearance of the real thing, its durable nature and the ease with which it can be cleaned. It also has the advantage of being a relatively lightweight material, making it easy to reposition. Of course, that lack of heft is a downside if your backyard is exposed to very windy conditions, so save wicker furniture for a sheltered spot.

23. Get set for a party

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Future / Tim Imrie)

When a patio’s covered, there’s the opportunity to choose furniture more traditionally seen indoors and create an atmospheric setting for parties. It’s a shady retreat during the day, too, of course.

Ornate Moroccan style chairs and a low carved wood coffee table give this raised patio individual style, and they’re complemented by pillows and a bolster in warm orange tones.

24. Use a corner

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Future / Dan Duchars)

Building a bench into the corner of a patio can maximize the number of people you can seat in a small space. Opt for a dining chair height version and a table can be located here as well so the patio works as both a lounging and dining space.

With a low square footage available, stools like these are a practical extra seating option as they’ll take up less space than a chair. 

25. Make space for a crowd

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Gary Marsh Design)

If your backyard includes space for games, building seating into a patio is a great design idea. 

‘My client’s request was to redevelop their entire backyard, turning it into a fun-filled entertainment space,’ says Gary Marsh of Gary Marsh Design LLC. ‘One of the components we all agreed on was a bocce ball court with a gathering area under the elegant California oak tree. My desire was to create an inviting and comfortable destination for those playing bocce ball and spectators as well.’

26. Think table shape 

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Future / Alicia Taylor)

Just as inside a dining room, it’s important to consider what shape of table will best suit the layout of a patio. Round dining tables promote easy conversation as diners can talk to those seated either side as well as across the table, provided the diameter of the table isn’t too large. A round table can also feel more intimate, especially when subtly lit for dining after dusk.

When you’re sizing the table – whether it’s round, square, rectangular or oval – always factor in enough room for chairs to be pushed back without toppling off the patio in order for guests to sit down and get up easily and safely.

27. Pretty up with wrought iron

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Future/Kasia Fiszer)

For ornate detail and a traditional look, choose wrought iron patio furniture. It’s also a great solution for a patio subject to gusts of wind as it won’t be blown over. Wrought iron also has the benefits of being strong and hard wearing, but do bear in mind that the intricate finish is harder to clean than other designs.

Outdoor cushions are a must for wrought iron seating as the surface is otherwise unyielding and will feel too hard to sit on for long periods. They’ll also keep seats at a pleasant temperature.

28. Select sculptural designs

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Future/Davide Lovatti/Finkernagel Ross Architects)

As well as fulfilling its practical purpose, patio seating with a sculptural quality can provide a focal point within the garden just as a specimen plant or a vertical feature might. 

If you choose patio furniture to make an aesthetic statement, it’s worth planning the backyard lighting design so it can be highlighted at night and not just during the hours of the day.

29. Choose sustainable wood patio furniture

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Schiedel)

Wood patio furniture has plenty of benefits, and hardwoods can last for decades correctly maintained. It can be an eco-aware choice of patio furniture, too, but you’ll want to be sure the designs you buy are sustainable. The best way to check is to look for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood.

This patio furniture is teamed with a garden fireplace from Schiedel.

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30. Sink patio seating

patio furniture ideas

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton / Rosemary Coldstream MGSD)

Consider sunken seating as part of a patio design. It’s ideal for a garden that slopes, but sinking a patio is an interesting strategy even on level plots and built-in seating makes good use of the change in height and emphasizes the zone’s distinction from other areas where there’s freestanding furniture. This seating’s curved, creating an intimate nook overlooking the river.