10 biggest Instagram kitchen trends 2020 – to inspire your remodel

Our go-to for a snoop at the latest trends for kitchens? Instagram... and 2020's are both elegant and enduring

Instagram kitchen trends: Georgian home Hampshire
(Image credit: Alicia Taylor)

We're not afraid to admit that we, the Homes & Gardens team, spend a disproportionate amount of time looking at Instagram kitchen trends. We do, after all, like to be well informed about the latest looks the world over. 

Social media – and Instagram in particular – is a wonderful source of information and the ultimate place to find inspiration (other than this website, obviously). So we were fascinated by some research* that came in this week, with insight from interior designer and founder of Floella Interiors Sarah Davies, about the biggest Instagram kitchen trends for 2020. 

So, whether you are considering a major kitchen remodel or would just like to give your kitchen a quick refresh, our list below is a good place to start. 

1. #kitchenisland

Instagram kitchen trends: Georgian home Hampshire

(Image credit: Alicia Taylor)

It is the dependable centerpiece of every well-designed kitchen, so it's no wonder #kitchenisland amassed a huge 566,466 tags on Instagram. 

'Kitchen islands are fast becoming the staple for a kitchen re-design,' explains interior designer Sarah. 'The kitchen is still the heart of our homes and with more people living in an open plan way the kitchen island is becoming the place where you can all be together. Increasingly these spaces are used for more things – the kitchen island is now also a place for home-schooling/working from home, as well as preparing food and entertaining.'

2. #pendantlights

Neptune kitchen showroom

(Image credit: Neptune)

It comes as no surprise, with #kitchenisland taking the top spot, that #pendantlights is second on the list – after all, what better way to draw attention to your kitchen island than with beautiful pendants over it? 

Kitchen pendant lighting has become more popular in the past year as a decorative feature over other worktop spaces, too – and you can see in the kitchen above how beautiful and impactful even the simplest fittings can be.

'Lighting is key to any kitchen design scheme,' comments Sarah. 'My advice would be to be open to exploring the use of a pendant light in different ways; for example, grouping multiple pendants to add drama to the kitchen.'

3. #marble

Instagram kitchen trends: Plain English kitchen

(Image credit: Plain English)

Use #marble and you will find millions of posts – many displaying beautiful marble in kitchens, bathrooms and beyond. It's a beautiful material that complements both traditional-style and modern homes and will never go out of fashion. However, it needs to be treated carefully. 

'Something to think about is the finish,' advises Sarah. 'Honed or polished? Honed will give you that matte velvety finish which will not scratch as much – if it does scratch, it will be less noticeable than a polished finish which shows scratches more. However, honed marble will stain easier. It's great for flooring tiles as it's less slippery when wet. Polished marble has that lovely gloss shiny look and it's more stain resistant.'

Our advice? If the maintenance of real marble worries you, consider a composite lookalike – they are very convincing and very easy to look after.

4. #whitekitchens

White kitchen

(Image credit: Classic English Kitchen by deVOL)

There are many good reasons why white kitchens are so enduringly popular: white is calm, neat, minimal and light-enhancing – all must-have qualities in a space that's increasingly busy (and sometimes somewhat chaotic). 

White is also so easy to change up: 'white cabinets are great for giving you that fresh clean minimal look but are also a great backdrop for layering up color and texture,' adds Sarah. 

And, of course, white kitchens are the most likely to please potential buyers, should you decide it's time to move on.

5. #barstools

Instagram kitchen trends: Kitchen by Roundhouse

(Image credit: Roundhouse)

We've already established that #kitchenisland is amongst the biggest kitchen search term, so it makes sense that we're looking for inspiration for bar stools, too. 

The way we use kitchens has changed dramatically – they're more than just a place to cook and eat now; they are the hub of the home, more sociable and practical than ever. 

6. #gold

Kitchen pictures Roundhouse

(Image credit: Roundhouse)

Pops of gold in the kitchen is a true Insta-favorite kitchen trend in 2020. From taps to cupboard handles, gold accents are popular choices.

'Gold finishes are now really starting to trend,' says Sarah. 'We are really making moves to bronze and brass tones for that added warmth, too.'

7. #floatingshelves

Kitchen pictures blue-kitchen-coastal

(Image credit: Future)

Over 122,000 of us have tagged our floating shelves on Instagram. Not only are they practical, but they are the perfect spot to show off your most attractive kitchen accessories, making your kitchen feel more like a living space than a cooking space.

8. #woodenworktops

Instagram kitchen trends: Kitchen by deVOL

(Image credit: Haberdashers Kitchen by deVOL)

'Wooden worktops are really on trend for that lovely rustic "Soho farmhouse" eclectic vibe that's so popular,' says Sarah. 'I love this look teamed with dark green/blue cabinets.'

9. #handlelesskitchens

Kitchen island ideas

(Image credit: Roundhouse)

For a slick and modern design, a handleless kitchen is the way forward. This style of kitchen gives a clean and streamlined look, perfect for a busy, open-plan space. A handleless kitchen works wonderfully with slick finishes and minimalist modern accessories – but that's not a hard-and-fast rule; contemporary cabinetry with more rustic worktops and accessories create an eclectic look that's totally individual. 

10. #recessedlighting

How to choose a kitchen island

(Image credit: Life Kitchens)

No kitchen should be without a clever mix of kitchen lighting, from pendants as centerpieces to task lighting for food prep to recessed lighting – ideally dimmable – that can be employed for practical uses when on fully, or turned down to create atmosphere when you are ready to eat. 

There are many brilliant ways to add recessed lighting to a kitchen, many of which can be retro-fitted. Sarah comments, 'Recessed lighting is a great way to add mood lighting. I love a recessed light feature at the back of shelving units to create a soft glow to a room.'

*Thanks to Norton Finance for this research