Stylish ways to work a statement wallpaper in your home

Get a look that’s right for you with these very different ideas to dress your walls.

When choosing wallpaper, the questions we ask ourselves are: 'Do I love it enough? Is it a perfect match for me? Will it last?' The variety of wallpapers before us is now so extensive that preliminary research will always pay dividends, especially in such adventurous times for design.

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'We are lucky that, here in the UK, our wallpaper industry has a powerful heritage, giving it an excellent reputation worldwide for innovative design, and also enabling us to buy home-sourced products with confidence,' says Celia Rufey, author of The English Home.


A staircase is often overlooked as a vehicle for adding texture and colour, particularly in a hallway, and is often just thought of as a means of getting from one floor to another, but it can become a welcoming focal point and add amazing interest to your home.Most abstract paper won’t look out of place, especially if used with a heady collection of other designs. This geometric design excites and adds interest to the hall like no other.

Wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: Alexander James)

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Adding a textured finish to your bedroom wall is easily achieved using wallpaper and is a great choice for hiding imperfections on an existing surface due to the thicker nature of the paper. Textured, or slightly raised, prints create an interesting focal point and can add a touch of luxury to your bedroom.

Wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: Alexander James)


Follow the fashion crowd with this season’s must-have print. Flamingos are everywhere this summer and this look is ideal for a child’s bathroom to give it a more grown-up feel but still appeal to their fun side.

wallpaper ideas

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Warm and luxurious, a metallic finishes is one of the biggest trends for autumn – a trend that is brilliant for injecting a little sophisticated glamour to a space.A wall of metallic paper will invariably be a neutral shade – think pewter, gun metal grey or old gold – and a design such as this tile wallpaper, based on old architectural details, adds shimmer with an industrial edge.

wallpaper ideas

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