The three top paint trends we'll be seeing for autumn, according to Crown Paints

From brutalist concrete hues to feminine blushes...

If you keep a keen eye on upcoming interior trends, you'll be excited to know that Crown Paints has given us an early sneak peek into what we'll be colourwashing our walls with this autumn.

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The established brand has unveiled its top three paint trends for AW20 and, it seems, our homes will be a haven for busy lifestyles, with trends including monotone blocks of colour from floor to ceiling, with uninterrupted colour symbolising a tranquil space with no interruptions; we'll also be leaning towards soft palettes that speak to a warmth and femininity, like powders and blushes; and, at the other end of the scale, we'll look to the raw, unpretentious concrete hues of brutalism and colours inspired by urban architecture - tones of steel with flecks of brick-coloured oranges, rust and moss. Paint brushes at the ready..


The trend: This trend explores our relationship with ‘perfection’. In today's society there exists a cultural dictate for perfection, one that celebrates natural and cosmetic beauty together as one. Namely the use of cosmetics to achieve a look that is seemingly devoid of intervention: it is one of many contradictions that inhabit everyday life. Similar to a beauty palette, Naturally Perfect combines colours that blend together to create warmth and femininity.

It employs techniques, with contrasting shades and reflections of light, to lead the eye and distort the space. 'This trend is all about society’s preoccupied obsession with the aesthetic and as a result Naturally Perfect is a nod to modern Art Deco, representing luxury and early Hollywood glamour,' says Kathryn Lloyd, Crown Colour Specialist.

Justyna Korczynska, Crown Trend Consultant, adds: 'The roots of this trend sit with the strong desire, in our social media-driven lives, to always present ourselves in the best possible light. The ultimate goal is to achieve a flawless, yet natural look. Makeup gives us confidence and makes us feel better about ourselves. Naturally Perfect presents beauty tips for interior design using a warm colour palette of powders and blushers.'

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Colour palette: The palette is a complementary edit of cosmetic shades, including the warm blush of Crème de la Rose and the metallic shimmer of Rose Gold. The addition of Toffee Apple and Aftershow, a deep red and dark grey, work together to create balance.

The tones are beautifully contoured to bring out the best in structural features. Judy Smith, Crown Colour Consultant, explains: 'Natural powdery tones of sand, clay, terracotta and brick, work in harmony. A palette of earthy warm tones from muted to strong - although from nature these are colours that are at home in an urban environment.'

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'Soft skin tones from fair pink, through warm nudes to a complementary bronze, with a touch of daring red to add boldness and definition - this colour palette is very feminine,'says Justyna. 'The beauty of these warm shades creates an inviting and cosy space.'

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The trend: In a world of multiplicity, Antidote is simple. It is one colour, one form, without interruption. Colour is designed to envelop the space without a beginning or end; where there is noise and chaos outside, this trend is monotone. Put simply: it's the antidote to a busy life.

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'Antidote is a tale of contrast, from dark and mysterious to light and aerodynamic,' says Jemma Saunders, Crown Colour Specialist. 'Singular use of low intensity shades and understated design cocoon the room. This creates a tranquil and restful space.'

Kathryn Lloyd, Crown Colour Specialist, adds: 'Antidote is about simple minimalism. The creation of a hideaway with no disruptions. This trend features tone on tone colour. One hue is used throughout to create spaces that are serene, calm and relaxing. Architectural details are enhanced with the interplay of natural light and shadow.'

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Colour palette: Exploring the relationship between light and dark, the palette is paradoxical. Featuring a thick, luxurious green with shadows cast across the space like clouds; its depth contrasts powerfully with its lighter counterpart, equal in sophistication but observing a different state of being.

'Each colour in the Antidote colour palette is equally important. We have selected four bold and striking shades, like our deep green Botanical Noir or Aftershow, a dark grey with navy undertones, to give rooms a very distinctive look,'says Justyna. 'The richness of those colours would add drama to any room. The lighter shades, such as Smoked Oyster, a subtle grey with a hint of mauve, or a calm, soft Chalky White are perfect for creating airy, clean spaces filled with light.'

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Judy explains: 'A palette of opposing colours that spans ethereal whites and pale greys through to a deep enveloping green. From the palest light reflective tones to the deepest light absorbing colours, using a single tone all over is intense and uncompromising.'


The trend: Structures is a graceful tribute to brutalism. Devised as an economic solution to depressed and war-ravaged communities throughout the mid-20th century, brutalist buildings are themselves a product of grit and endurance. However, despite its harsh reputation, these buildings are vulnerable to the outside world.

The use of concrete is raw and unpretentious, revealing the bones of its construction. Its fierce angles cast light and shadow across every surface, combined with colourful flecks of rust and moss, like wrinkles across an ageing urban landscape.

Once intimidating, nature has recaptured the beauty of these structures. 'This collection of colours symbolises the optimism and determination of brutalism,' says Neville Knott, Crown Colour Consultant. 'With its origins in the concrete masses of architecture, such as the Trellick Tower and the National Theatre, this palette acknowledges the transformation time has played on softening the surfaces whilst communicating the shadows of its geometric patterns.'

Judy adds:'Taking inspiration from city dwelling, Structures is all about the strong shapes and colours found in the materials used in urban architecture – the greys and natural tones of concrete and steel, the browns and oranges of bricks and stone.'

Colour palette: The colourful complexity of the architecture is reflected in the palette, featuring a soft grey suede that absorbs light and casts shade The addition of warm gold, dark green and metallic copper serve as a reminder that brutalism is not one dimensional, but ever-changing. The contrast between colour and textures is crucial to creating the Structures palette.

'Structures colour palette is a celebration of concrete and its matured surfaces,' says Justyna. 'With time putting its stamp on monotone finishes, some interesting undertones and textures are appearing, to create a unique weathered look. Our Grey Suede textured emulsion mimics the texture of rough concrete, while Chocolate Suede, Cushion Craze and Copper represent the weathering process with a hint of rust.'

Kathryn says: 'The colours in this trend reflect stones and concrete and within the palette are textured finishes which mimic the surface of the architectural materials. Earthy shades, such as Botanical Noir, have been introduced into the palette to imitate the weathered, natural patterned look of concrete.'

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