This new Smeg coffee grinder means brilliant brews every single day

Meet the game-changer for at-home coffees...

While we're spending a lot more time at home, it's important to treat ourselves to high-quality comforts. Coffee fans get excited, then, because the new Smeg coffee grinder will ensure you have a blow-your-mind brew every single time.

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The Smeg coffee grinder has been designed for all those who want to savour the real taste of coffee, and who are looking for professional grinding performance in a functional object with unmistakable style.

Its rounded lines, chrome details and pastel colours mark it out immediately as part of the collection of small Smeg appliances, adding to the current range of products dedicated to the pleasure of coffee, such as the espresso coffee machine and the drip-filter coffee machine.

Smeg coffee grinder

(Image credit: Smeg)

With a die-cast aluminium body and conical stainless steel grinders for a homogeneous grind, it preserves all the delicious coffee aromas without altering the flavour.

The handy lever enables you to select the grind level in a simple and intuitive way. Indeed, there are up to 30 different levels to choose from, making it possible to get the right grain for every machine and taste: with the Smeg coffee grinder, you can obtain the perfect grind for espresso machines, Moka stovetop pots, American coffee makers and French presses.

Apart from just being super-special (that aroma wafting through the kitchen), freshly-ground coffee has numerous benefits, first and foremost being the elevated taste.

The reason why coffee tastes so much better when it's just been through a coffee grinder, is that within a couple of minutes the coffee beans begin to oxidise, which is referred to in coffee circles as 'staling', and it's what changes the flavour. It's generally agreed that the sooner you brew your coffee after you put it through a coffee grinder, the better your coffee will taste.

Smeg coffee grinder

(Image credit: Smeg)

So by brewing with a fresh grind, and not pre-ground coffee, you are making the most of your coffee’s deliciousness. What's more, grinding your own coffee means you have control over the grind size, and different brews require different grind size for optimum taste.

It also gives you greater freedom to try different roasts and bean types. Your coffee break will never be the same again...

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