Upholstered ottomans – pretty pieces to prop up your feet

Ideal to prop your feet up, as seating or even used as a coffee table, these upholstered ottomans offer both style and comfort.

Our best ottomans are ideal for placing at the foot of the bed or centre-stage in your living room. With the potential to function as a footrest, a bench or as a coffee table, the humble ottoman should not be overlooked when designing a scheme or space.

By definition, an ottoman is a low, upholstered seat without a back or arms. In many cases they can serve as a storage box, with the seat hinged to form a lid. however, the designs below are the purest upholstered forms, with no extra storage.


Photography / Mark Bolton

A benefit of having space below the seat is it will prevent the ottoman from dominating the space, and will make a smaller room look larger as the eye can travel below and beyond your furniture.

One important thing to consider when buying an ottoman is its firmness. If you intend it primarily to double as seating – for example, at the end of a bed or in a sitting room – you should choose a plumper feather-filled top for extra comfort.


Photography / Paul Raeside

However, should you prefer to use your ottoman almost like a coffee table – a place to rest a tray of drinks or books – then it’s wise to consider a firmer surface, perhaps with a buttoned top.

We’ve scoured the shops looking for the best on the market in all shapes and sizes. Buttoned, tall, low, decorative, plush velvet – you name it, we’ve found it and here are our favourites.