The top 10 trending paint colours right now and where to use them

Kitchens are going green...

Spending a lot of time at home certainly gives pause for thought on your surroundings and how you can update them. Painting is one of the easiest ways to create a transformation, so it's a great time to know the top 10 trending paint colours – and which room to use them in.

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Research carried out by Lick Home reveals that although white reigns supreme as Britain’s favourite paint colour, trending colours such as green and blue are having a moment.

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The most popular 10 paint colours according to Google search volume are:


With this in mind, Tash Bradley, Colour Expert at Lick Home, comments on how choosing the right colour for a room is so important: “In many ways, you can think of paint like make-up: easy to apply, fun to use, simple to change. Much like a fresh application of lipstick, the colour on our walls has the power to change how we feel. Even the subtlest tones can render rooms cool and calming, or heat them up.”

Tash provides her top tips on the best colours for different rooms around the house, to ensure you get the mood just right.


Coming in as the most popular paint colour of the moment after white, green is a hugely popular choice for interior lovers who want to inject a splash of colour to their home.

Tash comments: 'Green – most shades recall lush grass, trees and foliage - its earthiness brings the outside in, distracting us from our phones and devices in the process. It is also one of the most restful colours for your eyes and is known to make you feel optimistic and refreshed. Without doubt, Green is the one topping Lick's colour charts at the moment (our Green 01 shade in particular).

'The kitchen is often the space within the home where you find yourself throughout various different parts of the day and therefore you want something that works for all occasions and light, and that won’t be too overwhelming.'

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As the second most popular colourful shade on the list, blue, particularly darker shades, has dominated the feeds of home influencers this year.

Tash comments: 'Blue – as the colour of the sky, the sea and sleep, it invokes rest, encouraging the body to produce chemicals that are calm and soothe.

'A cooler shade of blue like our Blue 04 has a touch of grey, making it subtle and serene whilst providing the perfect backdrop for all-white furniture.

'If you’re looking for something warmer to pair with darker furniture, something like our Blue 05 with a dash of grey gives height to your ceilings and brings the night sky into your home, whereas our bold and beautiful Blue 111 is brilliant for creating an eye-catching feature wall, perfect with a statement piece of furniture or headboard.'

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Purple isn’t currently trending in the interiors world in the same way as green and blue, so is the perfect choice for adventurous decorators who want to stand out from the crowd.

'Purple stands out in any shade, and is the perfect colour choice to give a room personality – particularly in the bathroom, as this is an area of the home that can often be forgotten about when styling with colour,' says Tash.

'Using a mid lavender blue shade like Purple 02 is appealing to the eye, yet brings a sense of calm to the room - and interestingly it has the ability to look both cool or warm, depending on how you style it. Easily transform your bathroom with this beautiful shade, or perhaps just add a touch of this colour to your walls or cabinets."

Tash adds: 'Paint that has soft pastel tones, such as Purple 01, also makes it perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms. This mid lilac shade with a hint of grey can help make smaller rooms look bigger and brighter.'

Blinds are also a great and easy way to bring a pop of colour and vibrancy into the home, or try using your favourite purple paint to finish your freestanding bath in for a striking yet not overpowering aesthetic.

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Yellow completes the top 10 trending paint colours, with Tash commenting: 'Although at first yellow might seem a little bold, it’s absolutely perfect for the home as it brings good vibes and positivity into any room from the kitchen to the bedroom.

'If you’re opting for neutral walls, pick a shade with yellow undertones to inject warmth and create a more homely atmosphere.

'When choosing the right yellow, go for soft and creamy hues like our Yellow 01 to inject light and freshness into a room like the kitchen, or warmer hues like Yellow 02 with reddish undertones to create a cosy but classic bedroom.'

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