Rugs that blur the lines between flooring and art

They're more than just a floor covering...

Even the most beautiful of wooden floors may benefit from a beautiful rug to tie a scheme together or create a focal point within a room. And these art-inspired rugs will add a splash of colour to your home without having to reach for the paint brush.

Like a painting on the wall, rugs can offer personality using colour and texture to transform your home into a space that really reflects your own aesthetics.


Photography / TI Media

What’s more, rugs needn’t be confined to the floor. As Deirdre Dyson demonstrates, there are some exciting and different ways to approach rug placement.

Consider hanging them from the ceiling, draping then at an angle, or mounting them from the ceiling. Or abandon the idea of using them as an anchor for furniture and place them out on their own, as the ultimate statement.


Image credit: TI Media

Wherever you position your rug, make sure it is firmly in place. ‘Polish a floor, put a rug on it, and you might as well set a man trap…’ says one particularly humorous public information film from the 1970s entitled ‘The Fatal Floor’. And it does have a point.

If your rug is on a hard surface, we recommend putting some anti-slip underlay beneath your rug to prevent it from travelling.

As for pattern, there are endless options available, so here’s a selection of our favourite designs for your perusal.