Why I'm buying 3 Amazon Echo Dots this Black Friday – and not just because it's half price today

The Amazon Echo Dot is on sale this Black Friday – and it's just $18.99/£18.99. What does that make it? The perfect stocking filler, of course...

Amazon Echo Dot Black Friday
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Last year, I bought two Amazon Echo Dots – one for each of my teens – and this Black Friday I'll be buying two more, this time for my nephews' Christmas presents. Usually just shy of $50/£40 – and sometimes listed higher – Amazon's most popular smart speaker is on sale today for just $18.99/£18.99 – and the US bundle includes a smart bulb. A perfect price for the perfect stocking filler, I say.

For the uninitiated, the Amazon Echo Dot is a tiny smart speaker that can be used wirelessly to play music – my girls beam their smartphone playlists to their Dots, and while I'm all for good quality tech, it's around 7am on a school day I regret how loudly these tiny speakers can actually play their competing music. 

However, the Echo Dot is not just a speaker, which is what makes it such a great buy for every age group – and why I'm also adding my 82 year old father to the Echo Dot gift list: you can use it to ask Alexa questions (about anything from the weather to who starred in your favorite Christmas movies), to do quizzes and even play games. It will even read children bedtime stories. 

And, of course, these clever devices can be used to control all sorts of things in our homes – from lighting to your robot vacuum cleaner, and even the slow cooker, assuming yours are matched with a smart plug – it's not difficult to do – if not already equipped with smart capabilities. 

The Echo Dot comes in four stylish colors – charcoal, grey, plum or sandstone, so you can choose one to suit your scheme – or your giftee's favorite shade. Keep scrolling to find out more about the deal.

Best price ever

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) | £39.99 £18.99 at Amazon UK or was $49.98, now $18.99 at Amazon US
Meet Echo Dot, the most popular Echo around thanks to its budget-friendly price tag. With a new speaker and design, Echo Dot is a voice-controlled smart speaker with Alexa, perfect for any room. And it comes in four colors. View Deal

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