Painted cane furniture – the woven trend has been given a colourful revamp

Cane is making a technicolour comeback.

In recent years we’ve seen a resurgence of cane furniture and accessories. And this year, the woven trend is available in cool new hues to suit any mood.

Painted cane is a great way to create playful moments and bring added texture to your home. These piece sit together in colourful unity, or they can add impact as stand-alone piece.

This trend was first made popular in the 1970s and has been enjoying a revival for the past few years. Fast-forward to 2020 and there’s been a big injection of colour, from tropical blues and limey greens to chalky pinks and cherry reds.

Nor is it just about that 1970s staple, the peacock chair. Painted cane desks, dining chairs… even drinks trolleys can be woven from colourful rattan and bamboo.