Windsor chairs for a timeless dining space

Windsor-style dining chairs will always be en vogue

Contemporary, stylish and practical, Windsor chairs are en vogue and they’re quickly taking over from traditionally popular high-back, upholstered designs in the style stakes. There are hundreds of different ways the design is interpreted, even today. So, whether you have a classic kitchen or an elegant dining room, there are plenty of stylish options out there to suit any room scheme.

They are stylish, blend in easily with different interior styles and are tremendously comfortable. But what makes this chair special too, is its history.

Traditionally, Windsor chairs, which have been made the same way since the early 18th century, had an elm seat, with the legs, stretchers and top pieces hewn from ash.

However, now that the wood is so scarce – mainly due to Dutch Elm disease – many craftsmen opt for ash over elm.